in Reviews (2023) Is Alonglet A Legit Online Store Or A Scam?

In the age of online shopping, finding a great deal can be exciting, but it’s crucial to be cautious. Recently, has gained attention for its alluring offers. However, before diving headfirst into the world of bargains, it’s crucial to examine reviews for the legitimacy of this website. This online store claims to sell a variety of products, from jeggings and leggings to matching sets and shoes, all at seemingly unbeatable prices. Let’s find what actually the truth is.

Introduction To is an e-commerce platform that has been making waves with its irresistible discounts on a range of products. Shoppers are drawn to the site in pursuit of affordable fashion and accessories, but is it too good to be true? Let’s explore some essential factors that anyone considering shopping on Alonglet should be aware of.

Things You Should Know Before Shopping From Alonglet

The Ownership & Reputation Of

Behind the scenes, Alonglet is owned and operated by FADEL-BEATTY LTD. However, this company’s online reputation isn’t stellar. It’s important to remember that the registration of a company at the UK Companies House, which Alonglet claims, doesn’t guarantee its legitimacy. This is where concerns about the company’s true location emerge. While some reviews indicate that products from FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED are sourced from China, the website suggests they’re based in the UK.

The Crucial Absence Of Customer Support

A reliable customer support system is essential for any online store. However, raises concerns as its provided email address,, appears to be non-functional, and no phone number is offered. This lack of customer support can be a red flag for potential shoppers.

Unbelievable Discounts: A Red Flag

Upon visiting the website, you might be captivated by the substantial discounts on offer. While a good deal is always welcome, these discounts may seem too good to be true. In reality, such deep and unrealistic discounts often serve as bait to lure in unsuspecting shoppers.

Online Security Concerns on

Online security is a top priority, especially when making purchases. It’s concerning that Alonglet lacks security features like McAfee or Norton. The absence of these security measures leaves the site vulnerable to potential hackers who might gain access to customers’ personal and financial information.

Conclusion: Is A Scam Or Legit?

Based on the available evidence, it’s advisable to approach with caution. The discounts may be enticing, but the associated risks, from dubious company ownership to inadequate customer support and online security, should not be ignored. The company’s low prices might be a bait-and-switch tactic, leaving customers disappointed or, worse, scammed.

Before venturing into the world of online shopping, especially on lesser-known websites like, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research, check for customer reviews, and verify the site’s authenticity. Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it might be a cause for concern.

In conclusion, when shopping online, exercise vigilance and always prioritize your online security and privacy.

FAQs: Reviews

Is Alonglet a safe online store to make purchases from?

Based on the reviews, it’s advisable to exercise caution when considering purchases from this store. The company’s reputation is questionable, and the lack of customer support and online security features raises concerns about the safety of shopping on this site.

How can I verify the legitimacy of online stores like before making a purchase?

To verify online store legitimacy:

  • Check domain age: Use a domain age checker to find registration date.
  • Investigate location: Verify a provided return address on Google Maps.
  • Seek customer reviews: Search for feedback.
  • Confirm social media presence: Ensure working social media icons.

Are the discounts offered by Alongle too good to be true, and should I be cautious of such deals?

Yes, the substantial discounts offered at this platform should be approached with caution. Discounts that appear too good to be true can often be a tactic to attract unsuspecting shoppers. It’s essential to remain vigilant and thoroughly research any website offering unrealistically deep discounts to avoid potential disappointments or scams.

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