in Reviews (2023) Is Benniolive A Legit Online Store Or A Scam?


In the world of online shopping, where virtual stores and digital checkout carts offer boundless choices, be mindful of hidden dangers like deceptive websites and untrustworthy sellers. Today, we focus on Benniolive and examine Benniolive reviews to discover the accuracy of its assertions or promises. As we embark on this investigative journey, we aim to provide you with valuable insights into, equipping you with the knowledge needed to navigate the online shopping landscape securely and make informed decisions.

Is Benniolive A Legit Online Store?

Regrettably, raises several red flags that cast doubt on its legitimacy. Let’s explore the key concerns: 

What You Should Be Aware Of Before Making A Purchase On

  1. Customer Complaints: This online store has garnered a negative reputation, with dissatisfied customers sharing their experiences. One customer reported poor customer support, stating that the provided phone number did not work, and numerous emails went unanswered. This raises concerns about the store’s reliability.
  2. Fake Business Address: The platform lists its business address as “1502 13th Avenue, Greeley, CO, 80631, United States.” However, investigations reveal that this address corresponds to a single-family home, casting doubt on the credibility of the store’s location and operations.
  3. Zero Customer Support: has failed to establish effective customer support channels. The provided email address, “,” is non-functional, and the listed phone number, “+1 234-218-6333,” does not work. Customers have no viable means of contacting the store for assistance.
  4. No Social Media Presence: Notably, there are no social media icons or links provided on the website. This absence of social media presence may indicate an attempt to evade scrutiny on various social platforms, raising suspicions.
  5. Recently Registered: The website’s domain,, was registered in July 2022. This short history is often associated with questionable online stores, as many fraudulent sites use new domain names.
  6. Not Properly Secured: Crucially, the platform lacks essential security certifications from McAfee or Norton, leaving the website vulnerable to potential hackers who could compromise customers’ sensitive personal and financial information.

Concluding Benniolive Reviews

Benniolive appears to be a scam online store that entices customers with seemingly low prices. The presence of a fake business address, non-functional contact details, and a lack of customer support channels raise significant concerns. Customers who shop here may face the risk of compromised credit card information and excessive charges. In some cases, customers may receive inferior or entirely different items, or nothing at all.

If you believe you have been scammed by, take immediate action. File a complaint with your bank, request a new credit or debit card, and document your transactions if you used PayPal. Online shopping offers convenience, but it’s essential to exercise caution. Consider factors such as the website’s age, provided contact information, customer reviews, and the functionality of social media icons to ensure a safe and secure shopping experience.

Stay informed and protect yourself from potential online scams.


Is a trustworthy online store for purchasing tools?

The website has raised several concerns about its legitimacy, including issues with customer support and a fake business address. It’s advisable to research thoroughly before considering a purchase.

What should I do if I’ve encountered problems with

If you’ve had a negative experience with this platform, such as receiving the wrong item or facing issues with customer support, it’s essential to file a complaint with your bank, request a new credit or debit card, and document your transactions for reference.

How can I ensure safe online shopping in the future?

To shop online safely, consider factors such as the age of the website, the availability of a valid return address, checking for customer reviews, and verifying the functionality of social media icons on the website. These measures can help you make informed decisions and avoid potential scams.

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