Boardsi Reviews: Is Boardsi Legitimate Or A Scam Company?

boardsi reviews

In the dynamic professional networking landscape,, previously recognized as ExecRanks, has captured attention for multiple reasons. This platform asserts its capability to link mid-level managers with coveted advisory board positions, offering enticing compensation in the form of monetary rewards or equity. Yet, a crucial inquiry emerges: Is Boardsi Legitimate, and does it fulfil its commitments? This Boardsi reviews article delves into its authenticity and assesses whether it genuinely delivers on its assurances.

Understanding The Mechanism Of Boardsi

It’s a platform proclaiming to link individuals with advisory board roles and entices mid-level professionals with the potential of earning considerable remuneration or equity. The process involves responding to pinpointed LinkedIn advertisements for local board positions. The caveat? To apply, one must enrol in their platform, incurring a $200 registration fee and an additional $195 monthly charge.

Boardsi Reviews: Unveiling Unsettling Experiences

User experiences with Boardsi have sparked concerns. During initial interactions, representatives aggressively advocated for a $200 monthly fee and a $200 initiation fee. However, when questioned about placement rates, responses were ambiguous, casting shadows of doubt on the platform’s legitimacy. The pursuit of concrete placement rate data met with silence, fostering scepticism regarding Boardsi’s professionalism and transparency.

Is Boardsi Legitimate? Scrutinising Unusual Practices

Several aspects of operations raise questions, according to Boardsi reviews. The peculiar demand for credit card information during initial phone conversations arouses suspicion and prompts questions about the platform’s motives. Moreover, despite boasting high placement rates, Boardsi fails to provide verifiable figures, relying on vague assurances that do little to instil confidence.

Red Flags

Ignored Follow-Up Requests & A Questionable Payment Model

Efforts to seek information through follow-up requests were met with silence, leaving doubts about the site’s commitment to communication and professionalism. The platform’s payment structure, featuring a $200 monthly fee and a $200 initiation fee, diverges from industry norms, contributing to suspicions of potential deceptive activities.

Guarding Against Deception: Tips For Protection

To shield oneself from potential deception on this or similar platforms, exercising caution is paramount. Recommendations include being wary of unsolicited communications, verifying legitimacy through official channels, avoiding clicking on suspicious links, and bolstering online security with robust antivirus software.

Responding To Deception: A Proactive Approach

In the unfortunate event of falling victim to deception, practical steps are advised. This includes promptly notifying financial institutions, changing passwords, reporting incidents to relevant authorities such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and vigilantly monitoring credit activity for signs of fraudulent transactions.

Final Considerations: Boardsi Reviews

Approaching its enticing offer of lucrative advisory board roles demands a careful stance, given the evident warning signs and a concerning lack of transparency. Effectively navigating the intricate terrain of professional opportunities necessitates a vigilant mindset and astute observation for any irregularities that might accompany platforms like Emphasising the importance of thorough research and maintaining a healthy dose of scepticism becomes paramount in safeguarding one’s professional journey. As professionals embark on their career paths, the allure of promising platforms should be met with a discerning eye, ensuring that the pursuit of opportunities aligns with a commitment to authenticity and transparency. In this ever-evolving professional landscape, strategic caution becomes the compass steering individuals away from potential pitfalls, reinforcing the need for informed decision-making to secure a resilient and successful professional trajectory.


What is BoardSi?

It serves as a platform linking mid-level managers to advisory board positions at various companies.

How does Boardsi operate?

It promotes local board positions, mainly on platforms like LinkedIn, requiring users to subscribe and pay a $200 initiation fee along with a $195 monthly charge.

Can I gain earnings or equity through Boardsi?

This website asserts users have the potential to earn money or equity by participating in advisory boards through their platform.

How should I approach the use of Boardsi?

Approach with caution, conduct thorough research, and explore alternative channels for advisory board opportunities to ensure a positive and trustworthy experience.

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