in Reviews (2023) Is Boasready Clothing Legit Or A Scam Store?


In the realm of online shopping, the allure of unbeatable deals can mask potential threats. is a clothing store that has recently emerged on the e-commerce scene. However, like many other platforms, it raises a series of red flags that warrant scrutiny. This Boasready reviews article aims to shed light on the reasons behind the skepticism surrounding its legitimacy and determine whether Boasready clothing is a genuine online store or a possible scam. Stay informed to protect yourself from potential online shopping pitfalls.

About Boasready Clothing is a digital storefront that claims to offer unbeatable discounts on clothing and accessories. However, appearances can be deceiving, and a closer look reveals a web of skepticism surrounding this platform. This online marketplace has been raising eyebrows due to its too-good-to-be-true deals on various products. The following section will unravel the mysteries of, shedding light on why caution is crucial when considering any transactions with this online store.

Reasons To Question The Legitimacy Of Boasready Clothing

Here are a few warning signs that should make you think twice before engaging with this platform:

No Business Address lacks a business address, indicating hidden motives and raising concerns about customer contact and product origin.

Absence Of Customer Support

The non-functional email address ( and the lack of a provided phone number signal a lack of customer support, diminishing the platform’s reliability.

Ridiculous Discount Offers:

Offering items at unrealistically low prices,’s substantial discounts raise skepticism, a common tactic to attract unsuspecting buyers.

Recent Website Creation

Boasready clothing website was created in March 2023, suggesting a disposable nature and potential suspicious activities.

Inactive On Social Media:

Boasready clothing is absent on social media which is suspicious, as genuine online stores typically maintain an active social media presence.

Shady Refund Policy:

While claiming to offer a 30-day refund policy, imposes return shipping costs, a potential obstacle for customers seeking refunds.

The Shopping Experience operates through deceptive practices, debiting customers, sending confirmation emails with fake tracking details, and failing to deliver items. The store engages in bait-and-switch scams, sending inferior or different products than ordered.

Is Boasready A Fraudulent Scheme?

Yes, exhibits numerous red flags, including a fake business address, outrageous discounts, recent website creation, and a lack of social media presence, indicating it is not a legitimate or trustworthy website. Reviews: Safety With PayPal

Using PayPal does not guarantee safety, as fraudulent stores exploit loopholes in PayPal’s system. Customers should exercise caution due to potential challenges in disputing transactions.

Steps If You’ve Already Shopped From

Contact Your Bank: Cancel the transaction with your bank or financial institution promptly to secure a chargeback.   

File a Dispute Claim: If the transaction is completed, file a dispute claim with your bank to address the issue.

Update Passwords: Change passwords, especially if used elsewhere, and enable two-factor authentication for added security.

Beware Of Fraudulent Emails: Be cautious of phishing emails from, avoiding clicking on suspicious links to prevent potential malware installation.

Final Words is identified as a scam, luring customers with cheap items. Our Boasready reviews exposes significant concerns, advising against any transactions. For online shopping safety, follow FTC recommendations and consider factors like domain age, security, reviews, and payment methods before making a purchase.


How recent is the creation of

It was created in March 2023, and its short lifespan raises suspicions about its legitimacy.

Is a legitimate online store?

Platform exhibits suspicious traits, and caution is advised before considering it a legitimate online store.

Does offer functional customer support?

No, it lacks effective customer support, with a non-functional email address and no provided phone number.

Are the discounts on genuine?

Its substantial discounts seem too good to be true, raising skepticism about their authenticity.

Who owns and operates

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