Bug Bulb Reviews: How Effective It Is In Killing The Insects

Bug Bulb reviews

Are you annoyed with insects disrupting your peace? Wondering if Bug Bulb is the solution? In this Bug Bulb reviews article, we will delve deep into its features, working process, and effectiveness against mosquitoes and other flying pests.

Bug Bulb: Working Process

Bug Bulb, formerly known as ‘Blitzy Bug’ and ‘Fuzebug,’ is an electric lantern designed to attract and eliminate flying bugs using UV light and a high voltage grid. A chemical-free alternative that promises effective insect control. Though, it’s less effective on mosquitoes. Its noiseless operation and odor-free design make it appealing for insect control, particularly bugs and gnats.

Bug Bulb Reviews: In-Depth User Test

One user dedicated six hours to test Bug Bulb on his porch, focusing on mosquitoes and bugs. The device attracted moths and bugs; however, its performance against mosquitoes left room for improvement. A closer look revealed some surviving insects, prompting doubt about its overall efficiency.

Advantages And Disadvantages


Noiseless Operation: Bug Bulb operates silently when switched on, ensuring a disturbance-free environment.

Odorless Design: Unlike traditional pest controls, Bug Bulb is odorless, providing a more pleasant experience.

Effectiveness on Various Insects: The device proves effective against various insects and bugs, catering to a broad spectrum of pest concerns.


Lower Mosquito-Killing Rate: Bug Bulb’s effectiveness against mosquitoes is limited, with a noticeable decrease in its mosquito-killing rate.

Need for Improved Battery Life: User feedback highlights a need for extended battery life, suggesting a potential drawback in the device’s current design.

Bug Bulb Insights: What To Know Before Buying

Bug Zappers And UV Light:

Bug zappers like Bug Bulb rely on UV light to attract insects. However, studies indicate that mosquitoes may not be significantly drawn to ultraviolet light. This raises questions about the device’s efficiency in tackling mosquito-related concerns.

Carbon Dioxide Traps For Mosquito Control:

Research suggests that traps utilizing carbon dioxide are more effective for mosquito control compared to bug zappers using UV light. Before purchasing Bug Bulb, consider whether your primary concern is mosquitoes and if alternative methods might be more suitable.

Wrapping Up

Bug Bulb stands out as a reliable bug and insect eliminator, but its effectiveness against mosquitoes remains a debatable aspect. To make an informed choice, prospective buyers should carefully consider their specific insect concerns. Evaluating Bug Bulb’s strengths and limitations becomes paramount in this decision-making process. Although it boasts a chemical-free approach to insect control and operates silently, comprehending the intricacies of its performance becomes imperative for those aspiring to embrace bug-free living. 


Is Bug Bulb entirely chemical-free?

Yes, it offers a chemical-free alternative for insect control.

How effective is Bug Bulb against mosquitoes?

According to Bug Bulb reviews from users, its performance against mosquitoes is limited. The product is more effective against other bugs.

What is its expected battery life?

The battery life of this device could be improved.

Can Bug Bulb be utilized indoors?

Absolutely, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Does Bug Bulb emit any noise?

It operates silently when switched on.

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