Buzzbug Reviews (2023) Is Buzzbug Mosquito Killer Legit Or Scam?

buzzbug reviews

In a world where pesky mosquitoes and insects disrupt our tranquil moments, finding an effective solution becomes paramount. Buzzbug, also known as Buzz bug, emerges as a portable USB-rechargeable zapper that harnesses LED UV light to trap annoying insects without relying on harmful chemicals. This review aims to delve into Buzzbug’s efficacy, shedding light on its performance and user experiences.

What Is Buzzbug & Its Mechanism?

Buzzbug stands as a chemical-free mosquito trapping device, offering a safe alternative to chemical-laden repellants. Its mechanism involves employing UV/LED light to allure insects and mosquitoes. Once lured, a vacuum draws them in, effectively containing the infestation. The simplicity of its operation makes it a convenient option for users seeking a toxin-free solution to their bug-related woes.

Field Testing The Buzzbug

Conducting a 10-hour field test on my porch, I aimed to evaluate Buzzbug’s performance. The UV light emitted a faint glow, primarily attracting moths and bugs. Surprisingly, mosquitoes seemed uninterested in the device’s allure. To add to this, not all insects captured were successfully trapped; some managed to escape. This lackluster outcome cast a shadow on Buzzbug’s effectiveness, prompting further investigation into its claims.

The Buzzbug’s True Performance: Unmasking The Reality

The question of Buzzbug’s efficiency is not easily answered. This mosquito killer has previously appeared in the market under the name ‘Fuzzbug’ in 2021, with mixed reviews regarding its performance. Although it does succeed in eliminating certain mosquitoes, the level of its effectiveness is still a subject of debate. Dissatisfied users have shared their experiences, echoing sentiments of disappointment.

Decoding Buzzbug’s Claims: What Buyers Should Consider

Before investing in the Buzzbug mosquito killer, it’s crucial to grasp the science behind bug zappers. These devices attract bugs to a central point using UV light, electrocuting them upon contact. However, the effectiveness of this mechanism varies significantly. Research indicates that mosquitoes are not enticed by UV light but rather by CO2 and water vapor. A study conducted by the University of Delaware revealed that bug zappers only accounted for a mere 0.22% reduction in biting flies, rendering them ineffective for mosquito control.

Buzzbug: Pros & Cons Revealed

Buzzbug mosquito zapper offers several advantages, including its portability and USB rechargeability, making it a convenient option while also reducing the risk of electrocution compared to traditional bug zappers. On the downside, it falls short of its claimed 24-hour operational span, which may require users to recharge or reset the device more frequently than expected.

In Conclusion: Unveiling The Buzzbug Truth

In light of extensive research and user experiences, Buzzbug mosquito killer, once sold under the moniker ‘Fuzzbug,’ emerges as a mosquito repellant UV lamp with questionable efficiency. Although it manages to eliminate a fraction of insects, its performance against mosquitoes remains questionable due to the science behind bug attraction. With mosquitos primarily drawn to CO2 and water vapor, the reliance on UV light might hinder Buzzbug’s success in offering complete pest control.


Q1: Can Buzzbug effectively eliminate mosquitoes?

A1: While it claims to kill mosquitoes, mixed user experiences and scientific research suggest its efficacy is limited against these pests.

Q2: What sets Buzzbug mosquito zapper apart from other mosquito killers?

A2: Its portability and USB rechargeability are convenient features, but its ability to attract and trap mosquitoes remains uncertain.

Q3: Is Buzzbug a safe option for households with children and pets?

A3: Buzzbug’s chemical-free design reduces risks, and its lower likelihood of electrocution makes it safer than traditional bug zappers.

Q4: Should I rely solely on Buzzbug for mosquito control?

A4: Due to its uncertain success against mosquitoes, it’s advisable to supplement Buzzbug with additional mosquito control measures for comprehensive protection.

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