COSMOR TUMBLR PTE. LTD. Reviews: Is It Legit Or A Scam Company?

cosmor tumblr pte. ltd

Navigating the online landscape demands vigilance especially when encountering companies like COSMOR TUMBLR PTE. LTD. This COSMOR TUMBLR PTE. LTD. reviews article provides an in-depth exploration of the suspicious nature of the platform revealing its dubious traits and serving as a guide for readers to identify and avoid potential scams. From company specifications to essential tips on spotting scam websites, empower yourself with knowledge to make informed decisions in the online realm.

COSMOR TUMBLR PTE. LTD. Reviews: Dubious Traits

Company Specifications:

COSMOR TUMBLR PTE. LTD, purportedly based in Singapore, claims legitimacy but conceals a darker reality. Operating as a parent company to various fraudulent websites, it raises serious concerns about its authenticity. The company’s association with deceptive online stores that lure customers with unrealistic discounts is a red flag signaling potential scams.

Unmasking Dubious Traits:

Misleading Legitimacy:

Despite its outward appearance of legitimacy, COSMOR TUMBLR PTE. LTD functions as a deceptive entity, orchestrating a network of fraudulent websites. The design is crafted to appear genuine, serving as a trap to attract and defraud unsuspecting individuals.

Redefining The Location:

The provided address—160 Robinson Road, #14-04 Singapore Business Federation Centre, Singapore 068914—while seemingly official, demands scrutiny. Verifying the authenticity of such addresses is crucial to distinguishing between a real warehouse and a potential residential deception.

Guilt By Association:

COSMOR TUMBLR PTE. LTD’s notoriety extends beyond its own fraudulent practices. Stores mentioning it as a parent company, like Swezida, amplify the warning. Caution is advised when encountering any online store linked to COSMOR TUMBLR PTE. LTD to avoid financial losses.

Tips For Spotting Scam Websites

Domain Age Check:

Examine the age of the website through services like An older domain is often associated with greater credibility, while newer ones may indicate potential risks.

Functional Social Media Presence:

Ensure the social media icons on the website are functional. Fraudulent sites may include non-functional icons, deceiving users. Genuine engagement on social media platforms is a hallmark of trustworthy businesses.

Physical Location Verification:

Validate the provided return address by pasting it into your browser. Google Maps can unveil whether it leads to a legitimate warehouse or a dubious residential location.

Customer Reviews:

The absence of customer reviews should raise suspicions. If patience allows, waiting for reviews is recommended. Alternatively, verification services can assist in confirming the legitimacy of a store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is COSMOR TUMBLR PTE. LTD a legitimate company?

COSMOR TUMBLR PTE. LTD is not a legitimate company. It operates as a parent company to various fraudulent websites, and caution is advised when encountering its name.

How can I verify the legitimacy of a website’s address?

Copy and paste the provided address into your browser and use Google Maps to determine if it leads to a genuine warehouse or a potential residential location.

Why are customer reviews crucial in assessing a website’s legitimacy?

Customer reviews provide insights into the experiences of others, helping you gauge the credibility of a website. Lack of reviews should raise suspicions.

What should I do if I come across a store mentioning COSMOR TUMBLR PTE. LTD as its parent company?

Exercise caution and avoid making any purchases from such stores to prevent potential financial losses.

Are there specific age considerations when checking a website’s domain?

Older domains are generally associated with greater credibility, while newer domains may pose potential risks. Verify the domain age using services like

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