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In an era marked by the prevalence of online shopping, it’s becoming increasingly crucial to discern the legitimacy of websites before making any purchases. Customylove, a platform offering personalized products, has garnered attention, but there are lingering doubts about its credibility. In these comprehensive reviews, we’ll delve into various aspects to determine “Is Customylove legitimate or potentially a scam platform?” Let’s delve into the details to uncover the truth.


Customylove specializes in personalized fashion and carnival trends, offering a wide range of customized products such as shirts, home decor items, and gifts. With a mission to provide quality products at reasonable prices, Customylove aims to cater to customers’ preferences while delivering excellent customer support.

Assessing Specifications

Understanding the operational details of provides valuable insights into its business practices:

  • URL:
  • Email:
  • WhatsApp Support: Customers can connect for chat support via WhatsApp.
  • Contact Information: The absence of a provided phone number or physical address may raise concerns about accessibility.
  • Payment Methods: Accepted payment methods include credit/debit cards and PayPal, ensuring convenience for customers.
  • Shipping Policy: Free shipping is available for orders exceeding USD 79, although specific details regarding processing and delivery times are limited.
  • Return Policy: Customylove offers a 30-day return policy, providing customers with some reassurance.

Exploring The Factors: Is Customylove Legit?

Before diving into any online transaction, it’s imperative to assess the legitimacy of the platform. Here’s an overview of the legitimacy factors associated with Customylove:

Domain Registration: The domain was registered on 12th August 2022, raising concerns about its relatively short existence.

Trust Index: Customylove’s trust index stands at 58.1%, indicating a moderate level of trustworthiness.

Owner Details: WHOIS services provide information about the domain owner, enhancing transparency.

Website Security: The presence of a valid HTTPS connection ensures secure browsing and data protection.

Blacklist Detection: Customylove has not been flagged by any blacklist engines, suggesting a clean track record.

Customer Feedback: While positive reviews are displayed on the official website, the absence of external feedback raises skepticism.

Social Media Presence: The lack of active social media links further contributes to doubts about the platform’s credibility.

Shipping Information: Limited shipping details and the absence of a provided phone number or physical address add to the ambiguity.

Pros & Cons

Customylove exhibits both positive attributes and drawbacks:


  • WhatsApp support enhances customer communication.
  • Positive reviews on the official website suggest satisfactory experiences for some customers.
  • A valid HTTPS connection ensures secure transactions.
  • The presence of owner details via WHOIS adds a layer of transparency.


  • Limited shipping information and the absence of a provided phone number or physical address may deter some customers.
  • The lack of external reviews and social media presence raises questions about the platform’s credibility.
  • A relatively short domain existence raises concerns about the platform’s stability and long-term reliability.

Reviews From Existing Customers

While Customylove showcases positive reviews on its official website, the absence of external feedback from reputable sources adds to the uncertainty surrounding the platform’s legitimacy. Without corroborating testimonials from independent sources, customers may hesitate to fully trust the platform.

Final Verdict: Reviews

After a thorough assessment of Customylove’s legitimacy factors, it’s clear that the platform exhibits both positive and negative attributes. While certain aspects, such as positive reviews on the official website and transparent owner details, inspire confidence, others, like the lack of external reviews and limited shipping information, raise red flags. As such, customers should exercise caution and conduct further research before making any transactions on Customylove.

Customylove Scam Or Legit: FAQs

To address common queries and concerns, here are some frequently asked questions about Customylove:

Is there a risk of Customylove being a scam due to its relatively short domain registration period?

While a short domain registration period may raise concerns, it’s not necessarily indicative of a scam. Further research into other legitimacy factors is advisable.

Are there specific details available regarding Customylove’s shipping and delivery times?

Unfortunately, specific details regarding processing and delivery times are limited on the Customylove platform, which may cause some ambiguity for customers.

Can customers expect prompt responses and assistance through Customylove’s WhatsApp support?

Customylove offers WhatsApp support for customer queries, aiming to enhance communication and provide assistance promptly.

How does Customylove handle order cancellations, and are there any applicable policies?

Unfortunately, Customylove does not provide specific details regarding cancellation policies. Customers may need to reach out directly to inquire about cancellation procedures.

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