Electrizap Reviews: Is Electrizap Mosquito Killer Legit Or Scam?


Are you tired of battling mosquitoes and other pesky insects? Electrizap claims to be the solution. In this review, we dive into its effectiveness, features, and whether it’s worth considering for your insect control needs.

What Is Electrizap?

Electrizap, formerly known as ‘Blitzy Bug’ and ‘Fuzebug,’ is an electric mosquito killer that employs UV light and a high voltage grid to lure and eliminate mosquitoes. Its design has remained consistent with its distinct orange color and compact portability. The key to its operation lies in its UV light emission, which effectively attracts mosquitoes.

For individuals averse to chemical-based insect control methods, Electrizap serves as an eco-friendly and chemical-free alternative. However, the burning question remains: does it genuinely rid your surroundings of mosquitoes? Let’s investigate its effectiveness in combating insects and mosquitoes.

My Electrizap Porch Test: The Verdict

I subjected Electrizap to a rigorous 10-hour test on my porch, an area notorious for hosting mosquitoes and bugs. After the extensive trial period, here’s what I observed:

  • Electrizap attracted moths and bugs, though mosquitoes were less enticed.
  • Notably, not all insects drawn to the UV/LED trap were eliminated; some managed to escape.
  • Upon disassembling Electrizap’s bottom, I discovered that many insects remained alive and flew away!

Versatile Insect Control: Electrizap Mosquito Zapper

Despite its name, Electrizap Mosquito Killer isn’t limited to combating mosquitoes. If you’re concerned about other flying nuisances like bugs and gnats, fret not. While primarily designed for mosquitoes, its UV light allure extends to various insects. It’s important to note that mosquitoes aren’t the sole winged creatures drawn to light. If you grapple with bug or moth issues, Electrizap could be your solution.

About Electrizap: Pros & Cons

What I Appreciate

  • Noiseless operation sets it apart from other pest control methods.
  • It’s odorless and poses no safety hazards.

Room For Improvement

  • It falls short of expectations when it comes to eradicating mosquitoes in substantial numbers.
  • The battery life leaves much to be desired, lasting only 6 hours.

Important Considerations Before Investing In Electrizap

The efficacy of Electrizap in eliminating mosquitoes is a subject of debate among researchers. Even the New York Times has weighed in on this issue. While bug zappers like Electrizap use UV light to attract bugs to their demise, they may not be as effective at targeting mosquitoes.

Studies suggest that mosquitoes aren’t primarily attracted to ultraviolet light; they utilize it for navigation. Many bug zappers that depend on UV light are generally more efficient at eradicating various flying insects rather than specifically targeting mosquitoes. In contrast, traps utilizing CO2 tend to be more effective in comparison, especially for mosquito control.

Final Word

Electrizap stands as an effective solution for eradicating various bugs and insects, but its performance with mosquitoes leaves something to be desired. However, if your mosquito problem is relatively minor, Electrizap’s zapper functionality could still prove beneficial.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Electrizap only suitable for mosquitoes?

No, it is designed to attract and eliminate a variety of flying insects, including bugs and gnats.

  1. Does it make noise when in operation?

No, it operates quietly and does not generate noise.

  1. Is Electrizap safe to use?

Yes, it is odorless and poses no safety hazards when used according to instructions.

  1. How effective is Electrizap against mosquitoes?

While it may eliminate some mosquitoes, research suggests it is more efficient at targeting other flying insects. If mosquitoes are your primary concern, alternative solutions may be more effective.

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