Hoooyi Reviews (2023) Is Hoooyi Clothing Scam Or Legit?

hoooyi reviews

Hoooyi, an online men’s fashion retailer established in August 2020, has caught the attention of many potential buyers. This Hoooyi reviews article aims to provide an unbiased analysis of Hoooyi clothing, delving into its legitimacy, customer experiences, pros, and cons.

Overview Of Hoooyi Reviews: Is Hoooyi Legit?

Hoooyi is an online destination catering to the fashion needs of men, offering an array of shirts, jackets, coats, shorts, and outdoor swimwear. Despite having a robust collection and attractive discounts, Hoooyi has faced its share of skepticism due to mixed reviews. One customer shared a disappointing experience where they received a shirt of extremely poor quality, encountered difficulties with returns, and were ultimately unable to secure a refund.

Customer’s Experience Buying Shirts From

While the reviews vary, a customer’s personal experience with Hoooyi suggests that it is indeed a legitimate men’s clothing brand. Upon placing an order for T-shirts, the products arrived within two weeks. Although the color differed slightly from the website depiction, the customer service team promptly addressed this issue and provided compensation. 

Hoooyi’s fashion-forward design approach caters to various styles, appealing to both casual and fashion-conscious individuals. The brand’s presence on social media and its operational history of nearly two years add credibility to its standing.

However, it’s important to note that Hoooyi’s physical location is situated in China, which contributes to extended shipping and delivery times, echoing similar challenges faced by other China-based retailers like Cotosen.

Things You Need To Know About Hoooyi Clothing Store


Hoooyi’s physical address isn’t explicitly provided on their website, but investigations reveal that the store is located in China, supported by the website’s registration details.

Refunds & Returns

Hoooyi operates a 15-day return policy for unworn, unwashed items in their original packaging. Customers bear the cost of return shipping, a consideration of significance, particularly due to the considerable shipping distance to China.

Customer Support

You can reach out to the store by sending an email to ‘’ or through their designated contact page.

Discount Code

Customers can access coupon codes through platforms like or Additionally, referring friends to Hoooyi can yield a 25% commission.

Hoooyi Pros & Cons

Hoooyi Pros Hoooyi Pros
✓ Clothing of satisfactory quality ✗ Extended shipping and delivery times (China-based)
✓ Wide variety of clothing items ✗ Expensive shipping fees for returns to China
✓ Competitive pricing for budget-friendly shopping

Final Word presents itself as a credible destination for men’s fashion items. Despite the positive aspects, it’s essential to acknowledge the store’s location in China, which can contribute to extended shipping durations. Online shoppers are advised to exercise caution and consider certain factors like website age, customer reviews, and the availability of return information before making a purchase.

In a world of convenience brought about by online shopping, it’s wise to tread carefully and assess all available information. By doing so, customers can confidently navigate the digital marketplace while minimizing potential risks and enjoying a seamless shopping experience.


Is Hoooyi clothing a legitimate store?

Hoooyi appears to be legitimate, offering men’s fashion items. Mixed reviews highlight both positive experiences and concerns.

Where is Hoooyi clothing located?

While no physical address is provided, investigations indicate that the brand is based in China, influencing shipping times.

Are Hoooyi’s clothing items of good quality?

Yes, it offers clothing made of good quality materials, ensuring a satisfactory purchase experience.

What if I receive a wrong or poor-quality item from this store?

In case of inconsistencies, Hoooyi’s customer service addresses issues and compensates customers accordingly.

Is it safe to shop from Hoooyi clothing considering its China location?

Shopping is generally safe, but customers should consider potential delays due to shipping from China and plan accordingly.

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