Jeremy’s Chocolate Reviews: Is This Product Worth The Hype?

jeremy's chocolate

Explore Jeremy Chocolate’s Nuts & Nutless varieties, echoing Hershey’s SheHer controversy. Dive into the ingredients breakdown, preorder details, and a Hershey’s comparison. Our article blends information with tables and bullets for a comprehensive read. Discover more pros and cons, preorder at, and decide if Jeremy’s Chocolate lives up to the hype.

A Close Look At Jeremy’s Chocolate Bars

Meet Jeremy Chocolate, the latest confectionery making waves with its bold entry into the market, offering two distinctive varieties – Nuts & Nutless. Riding on the coattails of the Hershey’s SheHer controversy campaign, Jeremy introduces the HeHim SheHer chocolate series, adding a touch of humor to its branding. The website boldly claims, “Some chocolate companies don’t even know what a woman is. But we do. Indulge in the chocolate binary. One with nuts, one without. You know which is which.” Sounds intriguing, right?

Ingredients Breakdown:

Let’s delve into the heart of Jeremy’s Chocolate – its ingredients.

Ingredient HeHim SheHer
Fair Trade Cocoa Butter Fair Trade Cocoa Butter Fair Trade Organic Cane Sugar
Fair Trade Organic Cane Sugar Fair Trade Organic Cane Sugar Fair Trade Cocoa Powder
Dried Milk Powder Dried Milk Powder Fair Trade Cocoa Butter
Dry Roasted Diced Almonds Fair Trade Cocoa Powder Dried Milk Powder
Fair Trade Cocoa Powder Dry Roasted Diced Almonds

The simplicity of the ingredients suggests a commitment to quality, but does it translate into a superior taste?

Where To Find Jeremy Chocolate:

If you’re eager to experience the flavor revolution, Jeremy Chocolate is available for preorder at However, be prepared for a wait, as the delivery time frame spans two months. Patience might be a virtue, but is it worth it?

Manufacturing Mystery:

While the website remains silent about the chocolate’s place of origin, it does mention that it is manufactured in a facility processing milk, wheat, peanuts, almond, coconut, and hazelnuts. Transparency about manufacturing could be a potential concern for discerning consumers.

Pros & Cons

On the positive side, Jeremy Chocolate allows payment in four interest-free installments for orders exceeding $50.00. However, the downside is the substantial waiting period for delivery – a considerable two months. The big question remains: Is the wait justified?


  • Payment in 4 interest-free installments for orders over $50.00.
  • Unique “Nuts & Nutless” varieties catering to diverse preferences.
  • Potential humorous and socially aware branding.


  • Waiting period of two months for delivery.
  • Limited information on manufacturing origin.
  • Higher preorder price compared to established competitors.

Jeremy’s Chocolate vs. Hershey’s – Clash Of The Titans

Hershey’s, a veteran in the chocolate industry, faces competition from the up-and-coming Jeremy Chocolate. While Hershey’s has a history in the market, recent controversies have shaken its reputation. On the flip side, Jeremy’s Chocolate, with its promising commercial and seemingly quality ingredients, enters the scene. Yet, skepticism arises based on Jeremy’s past products failing to outshine their rivals.

Verdict: Jeremy’s Chocolate Reviews

In conclusion, Jeremy’s chocolate binary presents an intriguing concept, but the $24.99 preorder price raises eyebrows. The lack of information about its manufacturing origin leaves a quality question mark. As we cautiously await public reviews, Jeremy’s track record with other products suggests a cautious approach. Will it outdo Hershey’s? Only time and consumer feedback will reveal the sweet truth.


Is Jeremy’s Chocolate suitable for individuals with nut allergies?

Jeremy’s Chocolate offers a “Nutless” variety, catering to those with nut allergies. However, it’s crucial to review the ingredient list and consult with healthcare professionals if you have specific concerns about allergens.

Can I purchase Jeremy’s Chocolate in-store, or is it only available for preorder online?

Currently, Jeremy’s Chocolate is available for preorder exclusively on The company may expand distribution channels in the future, so stay tuned for updates.

Are there any additional flavors or varieties planned for Jeremy’s Chocolate in the future?

While the current offerings include “Nuts” and “Nutless” varieties, Jeremy’s Chocolate may introduce new flavors or limited-edition releases. Follow their official channels or website for announcements regarding new chocolate experiences.

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