Kimboerley Reviews: Legit Clothing Store Or 100% Scam?


Are you trying to find clothing for yourself? If so, you may have heard about Kimboerley’s shop. Because of its ready-made clothing, the store is becoming more well-known in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. If you aren’t aware of this shop, let’s talk about whether or not to buy clothes from Kimboerley. Is it a scam or not? Dig into this weblog to find out before you decide to shop from Kimboerley.  

Let’s analyze this website’s integrity in order to determine its credibility.  

Is This Website Reliable?  

How can you tell if this website is legitimate or a scam? People are always searching online for the best deals on clothing, accessories, electronics, and other items in the era of digitization. Furthermore, in order to save time and energy, people now favor online platforms. Because of these factors, fraud and scams are growing more prevalent. Therefore, you must have a thorough understanding of the website where you are exploring products in order to avoid such scams. Continue reading the blog below to learn more about this website.  

Kimboerley reviews will examine this website to ascertain whether it is a scam. We have extensively examined the website to determine the truth of the features listed below.  

  • Registrar: The name SNAPNAMES 33, LLC is shown on the shop’s registration.  
  • Website Registration: The shop was registered on 03/04/2022. Less than nine months have passed since the site’s registration.  
  • Social Media: Since the website does not have any social media accounts or platforms, it is questionable.  
  • Customer Policy: The policies appear to be misplaced or are not stated, despite the fact that the website lists all of the customer policies in its area. So, is Kimboerley a scam?  
  • Trust Index: The trust index only displays a 1% trust factor, which is quite low on the scale of trust.  
  • Buyer’s Review: The website has no review section, thus there are no reviews to be found there.  
  • Data Security: Since the data is encrypted via HTTPS, it is secure when being transferred to clients.  
  • Information Missing: The site omits information about the owner because the owner’s contact information, including a phone number, is hidden, along with the owner’s email address.  
  • Online Rating: The website has an extremely poor global Alexa ranking of 4800151.  

Is Kimboerley A Scam? Read More  

Various apparel lines are available for both men and women at the online fashion retailer Kimboerley. They offer a variety of affordable clothes for both men and ladies. Additionally, the store provides you with a tempting discount on your purchases. They work with the following clothing items:  

  • Tee Shirts  
  • Jackets  
  • Hoodies   
  • Blazers  
  • Overcoats  

Features Of The Kimboerley Shop  

  • Hoodies can be purchased at 
  • Company Address: The address for the business is SUITE 10542, BALMORAL INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, ABBEYLANDS SOUTH, NAVAN, MEATH, C15 DD72, Ireland.  
  • Email:   
  • Shipping Charges: The business has not mentioned its shipping charges or policies.  
  • Customer Reviews: The items stated here to raise a query because the website doesn’t specify any section for user reviews; thus, some may think that Kimboerley is a scam.  
  • Return Policy: A 30-day easy return policy is listed on the corporate page.  
  • Payment Methods: The website does not refer to any payment method information.  


  • The business has a 30-day return policy.  
  • This website offers a huge selection of goods.  


  • There is no social networking platform where the website is accessible.  
  • On this website’s official page, no payment methods are given.  
  • There is no feedback section on the page.  
  • The page does not provide the name or phone number of the owner.  

Reviews For Kimboerley  

The store includes information about its return and refund policies and shipping and privacy policies. However, several crucial details, such as the payment methods, delivery costs, refund policy, tracking capability, and others, are still unavailable on the page. Furthermore, the website has a 3-star rating on Google, and all of its discovered reviews point to the website’s dubious character. Furthermore, neither Google nor the website has reliable reviews on their official pages. As a result, the buyer’s mind is suspended by all the preceding information.  

Consequently, we can’t recommend this website to buyers since it has a very low Alexa rating and trust score.   

Final Conclusion  

As we came to the end of our assessment of Kimboerley, we discovered that the site has only been registered for less than nine months and has low trust and Alexa ratings, so we have no reason to believe it is legitimate.

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