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Are you looking for the perfect jewelry to mark a special moment? Maxine Jewelry, an online brand based in China, offers exclusive 925 silver pieces with diamond-quality stones. In this article, we delve into reviews to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your memorable occasions. Explore engagement rings, wedding sets, and more. But is Maxine Jewelry legit? Let’s know the details and discover what sets this brand apart.

About Maxine Jewelry

It is a China-based online brand, specializes in crafting emotionally and naturally inspired jewelry. Their 925 silver pieces boast diamond-quality stones, providing a luxurious sparkle akin to high-end jewelry. The brand’s commitment to superior craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology ensures the highest quality for both men and women. From letter necklaces to wedding rings, Maxine Jewelry offers a diverse range of stunning pieces to make your special day truly memorable.

Why Should I Buy Maxine Jewelry?

925 Silver: Maxine Jewelry uses high-quality 925 silver in its pieces.

Diamond-like Sparkle: The stones in the jewelry mimic the brilliance of diamonds.

Ongoing Sale: Many items are currently on sale, making them more accessible. Reviews

Engagement Rings

Explore exquisite 925 silver engagement rings starting at $119. These rings, available in gold, rose gold, and palladium plating, feature various carat stones that mimic the brilliance of diamonds. The current sale adds to the allure, making these rings attractive for your special moments.

Wedding Set

Maxine Jewelry presents beautiful wedding sets for both the bride and groom, starting at $162. Crafted from 925 silver with various platings, these sets showcase original stones in various carats. While not diamonds, the pieces maintain high elegance and sophistication.

Notable Red Flags To Consider

Where Do They Ship From?

While Maxine Jewelry hasn’t explicitly mentioned its shipping origins, its physical address in China suggests that it ships from there. Notably, the brand offers free shipping to the US.

Price Comparison

Comparing Maxine Jewelry prices with eBay reveals a significant difference. While eBay enjoys positive reviews, potential buyers may find similar items at half the price, raising questions about the value proposition offered by this brand.

Customer Reviews

While official website reviews express satisfaction, external sources like Trustpilot and Reddit reveal mixed opinions. Some customers praise the quality, while others cite issues with delivery, refunds, and copied images.

Insights Into Pros & Cons


  • Great Designs: Maxine Jewelry offers aesthetically pleasing designs.
  • Diamond-like Sparkle: The stones in the jewelry mimic the brilliance of diamonds.
  • Variety of Sizes: The pieces are accessible in various sizes.
  • 925 Silver: Maxine Jewelry uses high-quality silver in its creations.


  • Delivery Issues: Some buyers face problems with order delivery.
  • No Refund: Negative feedback mentions difficulties in obtaining refunds.
  • Mixed Reviews: The brand receives both positive and negative reviews.
  • High Rates: Some customers find the prices relatively high.
  • Copied Images: Allegations of using images from other sites raise concerns.

Final Verdict: Is Maxine Jewelry Legit?

Maxine Jewelry presents a mixed bag of positives and negatives. While the brand offers aesthetically pleasing designs and diamond-like sparkles, delivery issues, negative customer feedback, and concerns about image authenticity warrant caution. Choosing jewelry for your special moments might be worth exploring other reputable options with positive reviews and transparent practices.


Is Maxine Jewelry legit?

The legitimacy of this brand is questionable, with mixed reviews and concerns raised by customers.

What materials are used in Maxine Jewelry pieces?

It offers pieces crafted from 925 silver with stones resembling diamonds.

Are there shipping charges for Maxine Jewelry orders to the US?

While the brand’s physical address is in China, it appears to offer free shipping to the US.

What are common issues reported by Maxine Jewelry customers?

In certain cases, customers have reported issues such as delayed deliveries, dissatisfaction with stones, and lack of refunds.

Does Maxine Jewelry provide a refund policy?

Some customers have reported difficulties in obtaining refunds, highlighting a potential concern with the brand’s customer service.

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