MileMax Fuel Saver Reviews (2023) Is MileMax Fuel Saver Scam Or Legit?

milemax fuel saver

In a world where fuel efficiency is paramount, consumers are continually seeking ways to maximize their gas mileage and reduce fuel consumption. MileMax fuel saver reviews delve into the real-world encounter of this product, shedding light on whether this product lives up to its promises. Let’s explore if MileMax is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Putting MileMax Fuel Saver To The Test

The MileMax fuel saver has made its presence known as an OBD2 fuel-saving device available for purchase on The website boasts a tempting 50% discount and free delivery, making it an attractive option for those looking to enhance their vehicle’s fuel efficiency. According to the manufacturer, MileMax operates by collecting data on your vehicle’s unique characteristics and driving style. It then uses this information to optimize fuel efficiency without compromising performance. Installation is straightforward—simply connect it to your car’s OBD-II port and allow it to run for approximately 150 miles to implement the necessary adjustments.

User Experience Evaluation

A user’s journey with the MileMax fuel saver began with high hopes. The product claims to potentially save up to 35% on fuel consumption, a compelling prospect for any vehicle owner. To gauge its effectiveness, the user decided to install the device in a 2008 Prius, anticipating a marginal reduction in fuel efficiency during a 150-mile drive.

Unfortunately, the results were far from promising. Instead of experiencing a slight decrease in fuel consumption, the user encountered a significant drop in mileage—approximately 6 miles per gallon less than usual—despite not completing the full 150-mile trial.

Undeterred, he decided to give the MileMax another chance, this time in a 2003 Ford Expedition. However, the device’s little light continued to flash, indicating that it might be unable to communicate with the older vehicle. Seeking professional advice, he consulted an auto mechanic who expressed skepticism and disbelief about the device’s capabilities.

The MileMax Fuel Saver Reviews: Reality Vs. Claims

The user’s experience with the MileMax raises crucial questions about its authenticity and performance. While the manufacturer’s claims suggest a revolutionary solution for fuel savings, our real-world tests tell a different story.

First and foremost, the product’s name, “MileMax,” initially led to misconceptions about its association with the reputable Tyres company responsible for Windforce MileMax tires—an assumption that turned out to be unfounded.

Upon closer inspection, it became apparent that the MileMax fuel saver lacked the necessary components to deliver on its promised results. It lacked a drive for CAM and displayed no genuine connection to OBD communication. In essence, it amounted to little more than an expensive LED flasher with no tangible impact on fuel consumption.

Conclusions From The User’s Perspective

In summary, our user’s firsthand encounter with the MileMax has led to the conclusion that this product falls short of its ambitious claims. While it may promise significant fuel savings, our real-world tests paint a different picture—one of ineffectiveness and skepticism – reflecting it as MileMax Fuel Saver scam.

When considering products like this, it is crucial to approach them with a doubtful eye. Relying on proven methods for fuel efficiency, such as trip consolidation, weight reduction, regular vehicle maintenance, and the avoidance of aggressive driving habits, remains a more reliable path to genuine fuel savings.

Ultimately, MileMax may not be the miraculous solution it purports to be, and consumers should exercise caution when evaluating its potential benefits.


  1. Is MileMax fuel saver a legitimate solution for saving on fuel costs?

Based on the user’s experience and real-world testing, this fuel saver appears to fall short of its claims and may not be an effective solution for saving on fuel costs.

  1. What were the results of testing MileMax on a 2008 Prius and a 2003 Ford Expedition?

When tested on a 2008 Prius, MileMax did not deliver the expected fuel savings. Instead, the user experienced a significant drop in mileage—approximately 6 miles per gallon less than usual. The device’s performance was also questionable when tested on a 2003 Ford Expedition.

  1. Are there more reliable methods for enhancing fuel efficiency than MileMax?

Yes, there are proven methods for improving fuel efficiency, including trip consolidation, reducing vehicle weight, regular maintenance, and avoiding aggressive driving habits. These methods have a track record of providing genuine fuel savings and are often more reliable than products like MileMax fuel saver.

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