My Western Outfit Reviews (2023) Is Boutique Legit Or Scam?

My Western Outfit Reviews

My Western Outfit is an online boutique service that claims to sell high-quality women’s clothing items like t-shirts, tops, shirts, and other accessories for women. But should the website be trusted? Many of their customers reported receiving low-quality products! In this article, we will check My Western Outfit Reviews and give you our analysis. 

My Western Outfit Website Details 

After thoroughly inspecting the My Western Outfit Website, we gathered this information about their website. 

Website name 
URL  My Western Outfit 
Social Media  mywesternoutfit_us 
Company Number  Not Available 
Parent Company  Shanghai Gudao Business Consulting Co., LTD 

Is My Western Outfit Legit? 

My Western Outfit is not a Legit website as there are many aspects of their website that we are concerned about and point towards a potential scam. Many of their customers have also reported having received very low-quality products and they cannot return them as their return policy is rigorous, and sending back the products will cost more money than the product’s value. Here are some other aspects of the website that raise concerns. 

Anonymous Owner 

The website’s owner is unknown; his identity is hidden under a private registration. This raises the suspicion of the website as there is no one to go after if you do not receive the products. 

Fake Followers On Instagram 

Instagram account of My Western Outfit has around 8000 followers, which is a good number for a small business. But in contrast, they only receive about 50- 80 likes on their post, that is around 1% of their total followers. Upon further inspection, we found that most of their followers are bot accounts that are used to create hype around their brand. 

False Advertisement 

The website advertises that their products are made of high-quality cotton fabric. But many users have reported receiving low-quality polyester clothing items which irritate the skin. 

Copied Content 

The website uses product images from other shopping websites, which indicate that they are not selling original pieces; instead, they are producing low-quality dupes of trending clothes and selling them as authentic products. 

Suspicious Parent Company 

On the official website of My Western Outfit, Shanghai Gudao Business Consulting Co., LTD. is linked as the parent company. It is a company Chinese company that deals in various industries like sporting goods, hobbies, musical instruments, etc. We think it is a shell company that is used by My Western Outfit to scam people in the USA, UK, and Canada 

My Western Outfit Reviews – Final Verdict  

In our opinion, My Western Outfit Boutique is a scam, and you should avoid purchasing from the website. They sell cheap copies of popular designer products. Buying from this website is an unethical practice as you must always support original designers by purchasing clothing items from trusted retailers and avoid falling for these scams by exercising caution. 


Is My Western Outfit Website Fake?
Yes, My Western Outfit is fake and uses generic fashion scam website template. 

Is it worth buying products from My Western Outfit? 

No, the quality of the products does not match the products’ description and are generally of lower quality. 

Are the products offered by genuine?
No, My Western Outfit offers cheap, low-quality replicas of other designers’ work.

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