Permatan Reviews: Is Legit Or Scam Store?

permatan reviews

As online shopping continues to shape our consumer landscape, the importance of discerning between legitimate and fraudulent online stores cannot be overstated. This Permatan reviews article delves into the concerning details surrounding, an online store offering the Permatan Tanning Accelerator and other products at remarkably discounted prices. To safeguard your online shopping experience, read on to understand the warning signs that point to the dubious nature of this website.

Permatan Reviews: Exploring Website, claiming to sell the Permatan Tanning Accelerator and catering to various skin types, presents itself as an online store with attractive discount offers. However, closer examination reveals several alarming indicators that suggest the store’s legitimacy should be questioned.

Key Concerns About Permatan

Recent Registration

The website’s registration in September 2021 raises doubts about its credibility due to its short existence, casting shadows over its intentions and legitimacy.

Unverified Trusted Seals

Displaying unverified trusted seals undermines’s credibility. These seals lack recognition from authorized organizations, raising suspicions about the store’s authenticity.

Hidden Contact Information

Transparent communication is a hallmark of trustworthy online stores. The website’s concealment of its contact address is a red flag, as legitimate businesses openly provide accurate contact details.

Low Trust Score

With a low trust score,’s lack of trustworthiness is accentuated. The absence of an Alexa ranking adds to concerns about the site’s authenticity.

Uncovering The Dangers

The aforementioned concerns emphasize the skepticism surrounding Permatan’s legitimacy. These indicators strongly advise against making purchases on the platform. However, if you still consider buying from this store, exercise extreme caution and research extensively before committing.

Additional Reasons To Avoid

Suspicious Discounts

The site’s unbelievably low prices use a bait-and-switch tactic commonly seen in scam websites. While tempting, these discounts often signal potential scams.

Lack Of Transparency

Hiding contact information and relying solely on an Instagram screenshot raises concerns. Legitimate stores prioritize open communication and provide genuine customer reviews.

Absence Of Customer Reviews lacks external customer reviews, unlike reputable businesses that encourage transparent customer feedback. The reliance on an Instagram screenshot is insufficient for assessing customer experiences.

Is A Scam Or Legit?

Taking all factors into account, the evidence overwhelmingly suggests that is not a legitimate online store. The combination of its low trust score, dubious discounts, hidden contact details, and lack of verifiable customer reviews raises significant concerns about its credibility. As with similar suspect websites, Permatan co seems to follow a bait-and-switch model, promising quality products at low prices but often delivering subpar items or nothing at all.

The risks associated with this platform outweigh any potential benefits. Its disregard for transparency, deceptive practices, and inadequate trustworthiness make it an unsafe platform for online shopping. Customers seeking genuine products and a secure shopping experience are advised to steer clear of this store.

Protecting Yourself

If you have been targeted by an online scam, there are measures you can take to minimize the harm. Get in touch with your bank without delay to inform them about the situation and ask for a replacement debit or credit card. If you made use of PayPal, make sure to save screenshots of the transactions for later use.

Online shoppers should always exercise caution, even as they enjoy the convenience of e-commerce. When considering a purchase, assess the website’s age, availability of a return address, genuine customer reviews, and a visible social media presence. By remaining vigilant, consumers can navigate the online shopping landscape safely and avoid potential scams.


Is a legitimate online store?

No, the website raises several red flags, including hidden contact details, suspiciously low prices, and lack of independent customer reviews.

What products does Permatan offer?

The website claims to sell the Permatan Tanning Accelerator and products for various skin types, but its authenticity is highly questionable.

Are the discounts on the platform genuine?

The outrageously low prices on are likely too good to be true, a common tactic used by scam websites to attract unsuspecting shoppers.

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