Porcelaoiy.Shop Reviews (2023) Is Porcelaoiy Shop A Scam Or Legit Website?


It’s essential to use caution when purchasing online in the digital age to avoid falling for fraud. In order to understand whether Porcelaoiy.Shop, also known as Crafttyc, is a reliable and trustworthy website or possibly a scam, this post seeks to give an honest assessment of the online store. We can learn the truth about this online store by looking at numerous components and supporting data.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that signal Porcelaoiy Shop being a fraud website: 

All About Porcelaoiy.Shop

Inconsistent Website Name & Parent Company 

The difference between the domain name Porcelaoiy Shop and the name of the website, Crafttyc, is one warning sign. Credible companies often keep their branding consistent, which raises questions about the legitimacy of the site. The parent firm named as “Meledo Company Limited ” has also been linked to other scam websites, raising doubts about its reliability.

Porcelaoiy’s Resemblance To Known Scam Sites

After exploring Porcelaoiy.Shop, it becomes clear that the website’s design and other elements are strikingly similar to those of other sites that have been accused of being scams. This similarity raises additional questions about the credibility of the website because it reveals a trend that is frequently seen among fake platforms.

Unrealistic Prices & Product Offers 

A significant indicator of a potential scam is the listing of products at unbelievably cheap prices, far below what any reputable store could offer. Porcelaoiy.Shop displays an array of items, such as a 20-piece Signature Cast Iron Cookware Set and a 360-Piece Mechanical Set Toolbox, at prices that are simply unrealistic. Such offerings are often used as bait to attract unsuspecting customers.

Fake Trust Seal & Lack Of Social Media Presence

Porcelaoiy Shop deceives users by using a bogus McAfee trust stamp emblem on some product pages. This dishonest strategy aims to create a false sense of security. Further concerns are raised by the absence of social media symbols associated with the company, as legitimate internet retailers typically keep an active social media presence.

Complaints & Negative Reviews

Researching similar online stores reveals numerous complaints regarding product quality, delivery delays, and poor customer support. The presence of such grievances suggests a pattern of fraudulent behavior and reinforces the notion that Porcelaoiy.Shop may not be a trustworthy site.

Verdict On Porcelaoiy: Wrapping It Up!

After a comprehensive evaluation of their website, it is evident that Porcelaoiy.Shop (Crafttyc) is a scam online store. The inconsistent website name, association with a questionable parent company, resemblance to known scam sites, unrealistic pricing, fake trust seal, lack of social media presence, and customer complaints all contribute to this conclusion. It is crucial to remain vigilant while shopping online and to rely on reputable and trusted platforms to ensure a safe and satisfactory shopping experience.


Is Porcelaoiy Shop a legitimate online store?

No, based on our investigation, Porcelaoiy.Shop is categorized as a scam online store due to various red flags.

Why are the prices on Porcelaoiy Shop unrealistically cheap?

Scam sites often lure customers with unbelievably low prices to attract and deceive unsuspecting shoppers.

Does Porcelaoiy.Shop have a valid social media presence?

No, there is a lack of social media icons linked to the store, which is uncommon for legitimate online stores.

Are there customer complaints about Porcelaoiy Shop?

Yes, numerous customers have reported issues with product quality, delivery delays, and poor customer support.

Can I trust the trust seal logo displayed on Porcelaoiy.Shop?

No, the trust seal logo from McAfee found on certain product pages is fake and used to mislead visitors.

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