Reset Smile Reviews (2023) Does It Replace Your Missing Teeth?

reset smile reviews

Do you feel self-conscious about your missing teeth and wish you could confidently show off your smile? Have you heard of Reset Smile, also known as Swiftsmile teeth brace, and want to know if it can help align your teeth? This review will provide an honest evaluation of Reset Smile and help you decide if it’s the right dental solution for you.

Reset Smile Explained

Reset Smile is a dental prosthesis that can be personalized and 3D-printed to fit your needs. It’s delivered straight to your home and costs less than traditional dental solutions. The device acts like a removable partial denture, providing a flexible, non-invasive, and removable tooth replacement option that allows you to eat and smile comfortably while remaining discreet.

According to the official website, Reset Smile is promoted as an at-home, economical, and dentist-prescribed method to help you regain your smile and improve your ability to chew without resorting to metal dentures or implant surgeries.

Is Reset Smile Teeth Device Safe For Your Teeth?

Unfortunately, the safety and effectiveness of the Reset Smile teeth device raise some concerns. While the official website features glowing reviews, these reviews should be approached with caution. Some of them appear to be overly positive and potentially biased. After a more thorough analysis, it becomes apparent that these reviews may not provide a balanced assessment of the product’s performance.

A significant red flag is the lack of detailed customer feedback regarding the device’s functionality. Instead, many reviews focus on the persuasive skills of a customer service representative. This absence of genuine product-related reviews leaves potential customers with unanswered questions about the device’s actual performance.

Additionally, there are reports of customers facing challenges with obtaining refunds for the product. This includes instances where customers returned unused impression kits but did not receive their promised refunds. Such experiences can understandably lead to frustration and erode trust in the product and the company.

What You May Like About Reset Smile

Short-term Fix: Reset Smile provides a temporary remedy for missing teeth, offering you an opportunity to restore your smile without the long-term commitment of permanent dental treatments.

Minimal Toxins: The device does not contain metals or adhesives, potentially reducing the risk of metal toxicity or inflammation often associated with traditional dental appliances.

What You May Not Like

Potential Discomfort: Some users have reported discomfort while using the Reset Smile device, which could affect its usability and comfort.

Absence of Professional Endorsement: This product lacks approval from orthodontists or dentists, leading to doubts regarding its effectiveness and safety compared to professionally recommended dental solutions.


Reset Smile presents itself as a customized tooth replacement device, offering a seemingly convenient solution for dental imperfections. It is essential to point out that this device does not have approval from dental experts, and it may pose some risks. The absence of comprehensive, unbiased customer reviews adds to the uncertainty surrounding its effectiveness.

Before considering Reset Smile as a dental solution, it’s advisable to consult with a qualified dentist or orthodontist to explore safe and reliable alternatives for addressing missing teeth and other dental concerns.

In summary, while Reset Smile offers a temporary fix for missing teeth, its lack of approval from professionals and mixed customer experiences warrant caution when considering this dental prosthesis.


Is Reset Smile a permanent dental solution?

Reset Smile is designed as a temporary tooth replacement device. It offers a non-invasive, removable remedy for missing teeth without the permanence of dental implant surgery or metal dentures.

Is Reset Smile recommended by dentists or orthodontists?

Reset Smile does not have approval from dental professionals. You must consult with a qualified dentist or orthodontist to determine the most suitable and safe dental solution for your specific needs.

What should I do if I have concerns or issues with my Reset Smile device?

If you encounter any problems or discomfort while using Reset Smile, it’s advisable to reach out to the company’s customer support for guidance. However, based on customer feedback, managing your expectations regarding response times and issue resolution is important.

What does Reset Smile cost?

The cost of Reset Smile may vary depending on your specific dental needs and the options you choose. It’s recommended to visit the official Reset Smile website or reach out to their customer support for the latest pricing information and details on available packages.

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