in Reviews (2023) Is Restowipe Headlight Restorer Legit Or Scam?

restowipe reviews

In the quest for improving car aesthetics and safety, many car owners seek solutions to restore their faded headlights. Restowipe, a headlight restoration cloth marketed on, promises to do just that, claiming to revive your car’s headlights. But does it really work as advertised? In this article, we embark on thorough Restowipe reviews, subjecting it to rigorous testing to ascertain its legitimacy or potential scam status.


It is a headlight restoration product that utilizes nanotechnology to provide a lasting UV clear coat, intended to protect against further sun damage. At first glance, this concept may seem intriguing, but the real question is whether it lives up to its bold claims.

Testing The Product

The testing process revealed some concerning aspects of Restowipe. Firstly, there was a significant issue with the product’s delivery. It took an astounding 10 weeks for the package to arrive, after multiple exchanges between the reviewer and the company. The delayed delivery was not the only problem; the content of the package was disappointing as well. It consisted of just one wet cloth with polish, a piece of white tissue, and gloves.

However, the most critical aspect is whether Restowipe effectively restores faded headlights. Unfortunately, the results were underwhelming. After using both wipes, there was virtually no noticeable difference in the headlight’s appearance. It was akin to cleaning with a regular tissue, as the wipes seemed to only remove surface dust. This raised concerns about it’s efficacy compared to traditional methods such as using toothpaste and a rag, which are not only more cost-effective but also appear to be more reliable.

Test Results: Does It Deliver On Its Promises?

Based on the testing and customer feedback, Restowipe does not appear to deliver on its restoration promises. It received a poor rating of 2.4 on Trustpilot, with numerous complaints ranging from failed delivery and extra charges to poor customer support. Some customers reported being out of pocket and waiting for months without receiving their orders. Others expressed dissatisfaction with the product’s quality and results.

Restowipe Reviews: Here Are A Few Customer Complaints

From Garry Dallimore:

Garry expressed strong dissatisfaction with Restowipe, describing it as a “shitty product” from China. He felt it was a waste of money and time, noting that the package he received contained just one wet cloth with polish, white tissue, and gloves. Garry also mentioned that the product required strenuous manual effort and yielded terrible results. He advised others not to be deceived by it. 

From Paul Dickinson:

Paul shared his frustrating experience with this product, stating that he was $100 out of pocket and extremely unhappy. He referred to it as a “SCAM” and revealed that he had purchased the product over two months ago but had yet to receive it. Paul had communicated with the company multiple times and faced delays and excuses. When he asked for a refund, he was told they would resend the item, which he declined as he had waited long enough. He was then instructed to return the item once it arrived, which left him questioning how he could return something he never received. Overall, Paul expressed his disappointment and urged others to steer clear of Restowipe.

Final Word: Is Restoswipe A Scam?

The test results, customer complaints, and the reputation of the company behind it raises suspicions about the product’s legitimacy. The company’s other product, ‘Restofinisher,’ has faced similar issues with effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Moreover, reports of customers not receiving their orders despite paying postage fees add further concerns.

Thus, Restowipe, marketed as a headlight restorer, may not be the reliable solution it claims to be. It appears to fall short in delivering on its promises, as it only removed surface dust and did not effectively address stains or scratches on headlights. With numerous customer complaints and delivery issues, it raises red flags about its legitimacy and effectiveness. Car owners seeking to restore their faded headlights might be better off exploring alternative methods or products to ensure their money is well spent.


Is Restowipe a reliable solution for restoring faded headlights?

Based on our Restowipe reviews and customer feedback, it does not appear to be a reliable solution for restoring faded headlights. Many customers have reported poor results, and the product’s effectiveness has been questioned.

What issues have customers faced with this product?

Customers have encountered various issues with the product, including delayed delivery, extra charges, and poor customer support. Some customers have also expressed dissatisfaction with the product’s quality and its ability to restore headlights.

Are there alternative methods or products for headlight restoration that you would recommend?

Considering the limitations of Restowipe, alternative methods such as using toothpaste and a rag have been suggested by some customers. These methods are not only more cost-effective but also seem to provide more reliable results. It’s advisable to explore other proven headlight restoration options before considering this one.

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