in Reviews (2023) Is Sendinfokit Dental Insurance Legit Or Scam? Reviews offers comprehensive financial security solutions such as Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, and Medicare Supplements to people seeking to safeguard their health and future. 

If you plan to buy insurance plans at, it is recommended to thoroughly asses the insurance plans, whether it aligns with your specific needs or not, and then check for the website’s authenticity to make an informed decision. 

In this post, Let’s assess Reviews and cover the complete website details to scrutinize Sendinfokit’s overall trustworthiness – is it legit or fake? Overview

Currently, has no existence on the web. When you click on, the website redirects to It raises various concerns regarding the website’s trustworthiness stating that is a scam.

About Physicians Mutual

Physicians Mutual offers a range of insurance options, including dental, health, life, and Medicare supplement plans. The comprehensive coverage, personalized approach, and exceptional customer service make Physicians Mutual a reliable choice among families seeking peace of mind. However, the redirections from expresses doubt regarding its legitimacy. Physicians Mutual Services include – 

  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Medicare Supplements

How Does Dental Insurance Works? dental insurance offers 

  • 100% coverage for basic services
  • The premier plan offers 70% of the maximum allowable charge for basic and major services
  • Preferred, Standard, and Economy plan covers a set of dollars for services

Potential Red Flags In Or

The potential red flags to be aware of while making any purchase include – 

Poor Website Security 

The lack of antivirus protection raises the potential risks of exposing customers’ personal and financial information to hacking attempts. 

Limited Policy Selection or offers limited policy options to customers that don’t meet their specific needs. It is a potential red flag because customers cannot get adequate plan coverage.

Negative Customer Reviews

The customers have complained that or offers limited plans that too at unrealistic prices. The website is unsafe for carrying transactions.

Final Verdict – Reviews 

On a closer Review, it is analyzed that while the insurance plans mitigate the people’s financial and health risks, there are certainly red flags, such as redirection to and other security concerns that raises doubts about the website’s legitimacy and credibility. Therefore, conduct thorough research and exercise caution before buying any insurance plan or Medicare supplement from or


What are the payment options available on or or allows online payments through Automatic Bank Withdrawal (ABW) or monthly credit card.  

Does the dental insurance plan have any deductible?

No, the dental insurance plan doesn’t have any deductible. Insurance coverage reduces the financial burden of medical expenses on people. 

Can you keep this dental insurance policy as long as you want?

Yes, or provides you coverage until you pay the premium.

Is Legit?

The low trust score, website redirection, and security concerns are the potential red flags in the website. It indicates that the website is not legit and is a scam. 

Does or provide customer support assistance?

You can call on 1-800-216-7373 for any queries regarding dental claims, insurance policies, and others. 

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