in Reviews: Is Scam Or A Legit Scheme? scam

In the vast world of online transactions, emerges as another name in the list, luring individuals with promises of free cashback and complex subscription scenarios. In this reviews article, we aim to unveil the reality behind this platform by examining it in-depth to make well-informed decisions and ensure online safety.

How The Scam Works works like a sneaky online subscription service that shows up after you buy something online. It tricks people by offering free cashback but asks for credit card details. The tricky part is in the details – they hide important information in very small print. This makes people not realize they signed up for a service they have to pay for. Every month, they charge $19.00 without users knowing. People who get caught in this find it really frustrating to stop it, and they often figure out about these charges too late.

How To Cancel Subscription

Trying to cancel through the methods provided on the website is unsuccessful, according to reviews, with broken links and unresponsive contacts. To recover funds, take the following actions:

  • Report Unauthorized Transactions: Inform your cardholder right away to explore possible refund options.
  • Close And Replace Credit Card: Prevent additional charges by closing the current credit card and requesting a new one. Proactive banks, such as Chase, may alert you to suspicious transactions via text for swift action.
  • Utilize Text Notifications: Activate text notifications on your bank’s website for immediate updates on transactions, enhancing overall security.

How To Avoid Scam Trap

Protect yourself from falling into the trap by following these preventive measures:

  • Study terms and conditions before agreeing to any online or offline purchase.
  • Ensure the terms and conditions box is not pre-ticked.
  • If a purchase implies a limited cancellation timeframe, act promptly.
  • Refrain from sharing bank details without thorough prior research.
  • Keep records of advertisements and regularly check bank statements for unexpected payments.

Conclusion: Reviews

In navigating the complexities of online transactions, has emerged as a player with enticing promises and intricate subscription models. As we’ve uncovered the workings of the scenario, shedding light on deceptive practices and challenges faced by users, the ultimate decision rests with you. The nuances of canceling a subscription and the potential pitfalls have been laid bare. Be cautious, stay informed, and make decisions that align with your financial well-being.


Is a reliable service? presents itself as a shipping and returns rebate site. However, potential concerns arise from deceptive ads and difficulties in canceling subscriptions, urging caution.

What are the charges associated with

Users have reported unauthorized credit card charges, encompassing a $3 subscription fee and a monthly fee of $19.

How can I cancel subscription?

While the offers a cancellation link, users often encounter inefficiencies. The suggested course of action is to contact your credit card provider to cease payments.

Is a refund possible from doesn’t facilitate refund requests. For the best chance of reclaiming funds, users are advised to request a chargeback from their bank, emphasizing the deceptive nature of payment acquisition.

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