The Lost Ways Book Reviews: Is It Worth The Price?

the lost ways book reviews

In a world dominated by technology and modern comforts, The Lost Ways book by Claude Davis emerges as a beacon of ancestral wisdom. This The Lost Ways Book reviews article delves into the essence of this survival guide, providing comprehensive insights into its features, advantages, and the valuable skills it imparts. Discover the lost arts of self-sufficiency and crisis management, ensuring you are prepared for unforeseen challenges. Let’s reveal the secrets embedded in this book and understand its significance in today’s fast-paced world.

The Lost Ways Book Overview

The Lost Ways by Claude Davis is a 300-page survival guide that goes beyond conventional wisdom. Drawing from his heritage and experiences, Davis encapsulates the forgotten skills of our ancestors who thrived without modern amenities. The book covers various crucial aspects of survival, including herbal remedies, food and hunting, shelter-making, finding water, self-protection, making weapons, and catching animals.

The Lost Ways Book Reviews: Survival Techniques

From herbal remedies to shelter-making and self-protection, this The Lost Ways book reviews guide explores the comprehensive spectrum of skills offered, highlighting the book’s value in equipping readers with ancestral wisdom for modern survival challenges. There are different techniques given in the book, which are explained below:

Herbal Remedies

One significant aspect covered in The Lost Ways by Claude Davis is herbal remedies. The book educates readers on identifying healing plants and weeds, enabling them to create bandages, compresses, and remedies for common health issues. This ancestral knowledge empowers individuals to utilize natural resources for self-care.

Food & Hunting

In a crisis, acquiring food becomes paramount. The Lost Ways book provides insights into the Native American approach to nutrition, emphasizing superfoods and sustainable foraging. Understanding the significance of what you eat over the quantity becomes a key takeaway from this survival guide.


Creating a secure shelter is fundamental in challenging conditions. The Lost Ways book explores our ancestors’ various methods, from traditional wooden structures to innovative underground dwellings. Davis ensures readers grasp the importance of a robust shelter for protection against weather, animals, and potential dangers.

Finding Water

Water, an essential element for survival, receives special attention in The Lost Ways book. The book guides readers on safely obtaining and purifying water, emphasizing the significance of staying hydrated during challenging times.

Protecting Yourself

Self-protection is a vital skill, especially in times of scarcity. The Lost Ways imparts knowledge on safeguarding oneself in adverse situations. Understanding potential threats and adopting preventive measures becomes crucial when resources are limited.

Making Weapons

Weapons can be lifesaving tools in emergencies. Davis provides insights into utilizing firearms effectively, emphasizing the importance of saving and reusing ammunition. The Lost Ways book also covers crafting knives and simple weapons for self-defense.

Catching Animals

Surviving in the wild requires a nuanced approach to catching animals. This Lost Ways book educates readers on creating effective traps and preparing captured animals for consumption, emphasizing the importance of sustainable hunting practices.

The Lost Ways Book: Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Easy to read and understand Requires time for thorough understanding
Covers a wide range of survival topics Application of theoretical knowledge may be challenging for some
Provides clear and practical guidance
Relates information to real-life situations
Incorporates historical methods for lasting techniques
Readily accessible material and instructions
Encourages proactive preparedness for emergencies

The Lost Ways By Claude Davis: In Summary

The Lost Ways by Claude Davis emerges as a comprehensive survival guide, reconnecting individuals with ancestral wisdom. While the book offers invaluable insights into self-sufficiency and crisis management, it requires dedication and time for readers to absorb and apply the extensive knowledge presented. The emphasis on herbal remedies, sustainable food practices, shelter-making, water procurement, self-protection, weapon crafting, and animal catching positions The Lost Ways as a holistic resource for those seeking to enhance their survival skills.


Is The Lost Ways book a rip-off?

No, it is a legitimate guide with a one-time payment and no hidden fees, offering truthful and dependable information.

What do critics say about The Lost Ways?

While most reviews are positive, some critics suggest that the book contains abundant information, advising readers to approach it slowly and carefully.

Is The Lost Ways worth the money?

It is deemed valuable for those interested in survivalism and acquiring essential skills. Its worth depends on individual priorities and interests.

How can I get The Lost Ways?

This book can be purchased on the official website, offering digital and printed versions for worldwide accessibility without delivery concerns.

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