Valanio Reviews: Is Valanio Scam Or Can It Be Trusted?

Valanio Reviews

When considering whether to trust as an online shopping platform, it is crucial to assess the experiences and opinions of previous customers. In this review, we will delve into Valanio reviews and analyze the overall trustworthiness of the website. By examining the feedback from real customers, we can gain insights into whether is a legitimate and reliable website or if there are concerns about its credibility.

About Valanio Website

Valanio is a website where you can shop for different types of clothing. They have a wide variety of dresses, including casual ones, jackets, sweaters, tops, and more.

The clothing collection is divided into categories such as Mini, Maxi, Vacation, Printed, and Outskirts, so you can easily find the type of dress you’re looking for. Whether you need something for the summer or winter, the online store has appealing collections for both seasons. However, the legitimacy of is still a subject of doubt and uncertainty.

Important Information About

  • URL: The website’s URL is
  • Email: Contact via
  • Address: They claim to be located at St. John Street, London, England.
  • Contact: The provided contact number is +447482875871.
  • Category: It specializes in selling women’s dresses for various occasions.
  • Return Policy: It offers a 30-day return policy.
  • Refund Policy: Cancelled purchases within 24 hours are eligible for a refund.
  • Plagiarism: It has been found to have plagiarized content similar to other fake websites.

Please exercise caution when considering as an online shopping option. It is recommended to conduct further research and verification to ensure the website’s legitimacy before making any transactions or sharing personal information.

Red Flags Signaling A Potential Scam

Several red flags raise concerns about the legitimacy of These warning signs suggest that the website may not be trustworthy:

  • Hidden Contact Address: fails to provide a clear and verifiable contact address, which can be a red flag indicating dubious intentions.
  • Suspicious Ownership: The website is owned by Vankin Company Limited, a company with a questionable reputation, adding to the doubts surrounding
  • Recent Registration: was registered only recently in 2021, lacking a substantial history that establishes its credibility as a reliable eCommerce platform.
  • Lack of Social Media Presence: The absence of authentic social media accounts or the presence of fake social media icons raises suspicions about the website’s legitimacy and transparency.
  • Fake Trusted Seals: displays counterfeit trusted seals or certifications that are not issued by authorized organizations. These false endorsements can mislead users into trusting the website.

These red flags serve as strong evidence indicating that may be an illegitimate or potentially scam website. It is highly advised to exercise extreme caution and refrain from engaging in any transactions or sharing sensitive information on this platform.

Promising Features Highlighted By

There are several positive aspects that are worth mentioning, including:

  • Wide Range of Women’s Clothing: The online store offers a diverse selection of women’s clothing, catering to different styles and occasions.
  • Discounted Prices: The website claims to provide discounted prices on every product, potentially making the clothing more affordable for customers.
  • Well-Defined Refund and Return Policy: The website states that it has a clearly outlined refund and return policy, allowing customers a 30-day window to return items if needed.
  • Global Shipping: They offer worldwide shipping, making its products accessible to customers around the globe.
  • Positive Valanio Reviews: The website highlights positive reviews from customers who claim to be satisfied with the products they received from

While these aspects may seem promising, it is important to exercise caution and conduct further research to verify the credibility and authenticity of these claims made by

Valanio Reviews: Proceed with Caution

Customer reviews on are predominantly positive, indicating excellent and genuine products. However, these reviews are solely present on the official website, lacking external validation. Exercise caution, as this suggests potential bias or manipulation by the website. Additional research and independent reviews are advised before engaging with


In conclusion, the trustworthiness of remains questionable. While the website showcases positive customer reviews on its official platform, the absence of external reviews raises concerns about the authenticity and credibility of these testimonials.

The lack of independent validation makes it difficult to ascertain the true nature of It is prudent to exercise caution and conduct further research before engaging in any transactions or sharing sensitive information on this website.


  • Is a legitimate website? 

The legitimacy of is uncertain. Several red flags, such as hidden contact information and suspicious ownership, raise concerns about its trustworthiness.

  • Are the positive reviews on reliable? 

The positive reviews on should be approached with caution, as they are solely present on the official website and lack external validation. Further research is recommended.

  • What should I consider before shopping from 

Before shopping from, carefully evaluate its legitimacy, review policies, and verify customer feedback from external sources. Exercise caution when sharing personal information or making transactions.

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