in Review (2023) Is Scam Or Legit? reviews

In the quest to make money online, may appear as an appealing option. Claiming to help users earn cash by referring friends, playing games, and taking surveys seem like an ideal way to earn from the comfort of your home. However, a closer look reveals a different story. In this comprehensive reviews, we uncover the reasons why real users have given it a poor rating.

About is promoted as a money app that promises to help users generate income online. The platform touts the ability to earn by referring friends, testing free apps and games, and completing surveys. It even suggests that you can withdraw $50 in earnings using a Fabric Visa Debit Card. On the surface, it all sounds enticing.

How Works?

The primary method for earning on involves joining a VIP waitlist to receive a card. Users are then expected to get paid for testing free apps and games and completing surveys. While the offer of earning virtual money appears genuine, there are underlying issues.

Red Flags

Crooked Payment Structure: employs a delayed payment system. Rather than receiving immediate payouts, users are asked to wait for up to a month. This waiting period is attributed to “processing,” supposedly to verify if users cheated. However, even after waiting, users may find that their dashboard shows payments that haven’t been received.

Identity Theft Risks: Users are repeatedly asked for their Social Security number to complete tasks. This raises concerns about identity theft, as divulging such sensitive information can put individuals at risk.

User Reviews

Users who have engaged with have expressed frustration and dissatisfaction. One user reported waiting for nearly two months without receiving compensation for the ads they viewed. Others echoed similar experiences, labeling the platform a waste of time and accusing it of false advertising.

Conclusion: Scam

In summary, is not a legitimate platform to earn money online. It fails to deliver on its promises, with numerous users reporting unpaid earnings and deceptive practices. The platform’s requirement for Social Security numbers poses identity theft risks. This review exposes as a scam, urging users to exercise caution and avoid it altogether.


  1. What is the Wearefabric scam?

The Wearefabric scam is a deceptive online scheme that entices users with the promise of earning money through tasks like referring friends, playing games, and taking surveys on the platform. However, it has raised concerns due to reported issues such as delayed payments, identity theft risks, and unfulfilled promises, casting doubt on its legitimacy.

  1. Is scam or a legitimate way to earn money online?

No, is not a legitimate platform for earning money online. Numerous users have reported unpaid earnings and deceptive practices on the platform, making it highly unreliable and potentially a scam.

  1. What is the primary method for earning money on

The main methods for earning on this platform include joining a VIP waitlist to receive a card, testing free apps and games, and completing surveys. However, users have encountered issues with delayed payments and unfulfilled promises.

  1. Are there identity theft risks associated with

Yes, there are identity theft risks linked to this website. The platform repeatedly requests users’ Social Security numbers to complete tasks, raising concerns about the security of sensitive personal information.

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