Wise 188-890 Charge On Truist Credit Card (2023) Know Everything!

wise 188-890

In recent times, a distressing surge of reports has emerged detailing unauthorized charges under the cryptic name “Wise 188-890” on Truist credit cards and bank statements. This scam, spreading like wildfire, has left hundreds grappling with financial uncertainty. In this exposé, we uncover the mechanics of this scam, share strategies to shield yourself from credit card fraud and offer guidance if you find yourself ensnared by the Wise 188-890 charge on your Truist credit card.

How Does The Wise 188-890 Scam Operate?

The Wise 188-890 charge nestled on Truist credit cards is the cunning brainchild of scammers. The modus operandi is straightforward: they initiate a minuscule transaction to gauge card viability. Once confirmed, they unleash a torrent of larger unauthorized charges or peddle the stolen card data on illicit marketplaces.

Voices Of Victims: Shared Experiences

On platforms like Reddit, victims recount their baffling encounters. One user bemoaned two weird charges totaling $147.65, both tagged as “WISE 188-890.” The strange thing? The credit card was in their possession for less than a week, and they hadn’t disclosed their card details to anyone.

Shielding Against Truist Credit Card Scams

Segregation Strategy: Distance your credit cards from your wallet via a dedicated card case or a separate compartment.

Opt for Essentials: Carry only essential cards, safeguarding the rest in a safe spot.

Safekeeping Your Wallet: Keep your wallet safe and secure, avoiding public exposure.

Immediate Action: In the unfortunate event of a wallet theft, initiate prompt contact with your bank.

What If You’ve Been Scammed? Remedies For Scam Victims

Sound the Alarm: Activate a fraudulent activity alert on your credit report to mitigate potential damage.

Direct Communication: Reach out to your credit card issuer without delay to report the scam and initiate necessary actions.

Summon the Guardians: Inform the credit bureaus about the fraudulent activities to safeguard your financial identity.

Legal Vigilance: Engage with law enforcement agencies to document credit card fraud and facilitate the investigation.

In Closing: Outsmarting The Wise 188-890 Scam

The Wise 188-890 credit card scam casts a daunting shadow, with its perpetrators ruthlessly exploiting personal and financial data. Yet, through unwavering vigilance and meticulous account monitoring, you can fortify your defenses against credit card fraud and minimize its potential impact. Remember, awareness is your shield, and proactive measures are your sword in this ongoing battle for financial security.


  1. Is there a way to completely avoid credit card scams?

While it’s challenging to completely avoid credit card scams, keeping your card information secure and promptly reporting any suspicious activities can significantly reduce your risk of falling victim to such scams.

  1. What’s the importance of staying aware of scams like Wise 188-890?

Staying aware of scams like Wise 188-890 helps you recognize the signs, take preventive measures, and protect your financial well-being. Awareness empowers you to make informed decisions and avoid falling into the trap of fraudsters.

  1. Can credit card companies help recover funds from scams?

Credit card companies frequently implement fraud protection measures. Promptly reporting unauthorized charges can increase your chances of recovering lost funds. However, the outcome may vary, and it’s essential to cooperate with your credit card issuer to follow their procedures.

  1. How can I enhance my financial security in the digital age?

In the digital age, enhancing financial security requires being cautious while sharing personal and financial information, using secure and unique passwords, regularly monitoring accounts, and staying updated about potential scams and fraud tactics.

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