in Reviews (2023) Is Xrivet Scam Or Legit?


Welcome to our review of, where we delve into the legitimacy of this online store. Join us as we examine crucial aspects and raise concerns to help you make an informed decision about Xrivet. Stay tuned to uncover the truth and ensure a secure online shopping experience. Unveiling The Store

Wide Product Range

Discover a wide range of products available at, including slippers, accessories, snow boots, women’s plaid jackets, trending cargo pants, oversized t-shirts, trendy sneakers, funny shorts, casual sets, color-changing swim trunks, tank tops, and more. However, before considering as your shopping destination, let’s explore the website further.

Concerns Raised: Evaluating Legitimacy

Different Website & Domain Names and Thena have different domain and website names, which is unusual and raises concerns about inconsistencies or copy-paste errors.

Contact Information

The provided parent company’s name and address are presented as an image, a practice common among scam sites. This association with multiple problematic sites further questions its legitimacy.

Potential Changes In Parent Company Information

Similar sites have changed their parent company names and addresses in the past, indicating a lack of long-term trustworthiness.

Unrelated Email Addresses

The email addresses provided, such as “” and “,” are not directly related to the domain, which can be a red flag for legitimacy.

Discount & Sales Offers offers heavy discounts on its products, a tactic often employed by scam sites to attract customers.

Copied Content

The website’s theme and other details closely resemble those of multiple problematic sites, raising concerns about originality and authenticity.

Returns & Exchange Policy

The policy may be unrealistic and could make it difficult for customers to receive refunds or exchange items. Confusing provisions can lead to dissatisfaction and potential financial loss.

Customer Complaints & Delivery

Similar online stores have faced complaints about poor delivery times, unsatisfactory customer support, and subpar after-sales services, indicating potential issues with responsiveness and reliability.

Conclusion: Proceed With Caution

After evaluating, it is crucial to exercise caution due to the raised concerns about its legitimacy. While the store offers a wide range of products, various red flags indicate potential risks. Inconsistencies in website and domain names, contact information presented as images, unrelated email addresses, heavy discount offers, copied content, unrealistic returns, exchange policy, and customer complaints raise doubts about the platform’s trustworthiness. Prioritize your online security and consider more reputable alternatives for a safe and satisfactory shopping experience.


Is a reliable online store?

The legitimacy of this online store is questionable due to concerning factors raised in our review. Exercise caution before making any purchases.

Should I be skeptical of the heavy discounts offered by

Yes, heavy discounts are commonly used by scam sites. Be skeptical of unrealistic discount offers.

How does handle returns and exchanges?

The website has an unrealistic returns and exchange policy that may make it difficult for customers to receive refunds or exchange items. Review the policy carefully before making a purchase.

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