in Reviews: Is Yofana Clothing Legit Or A Scam?

yofana reviews

If you’re considering embarking on a shopping spree at Yofana, having a well-informed perspective regarding the store’s legitimacy and safety is crucial. The comprehensive reviews will meticulously dissect various facets of the online store, encompassing ownership, customer support, discount strategies, and security measures. By the time you finish reading, you’ll understand whether Yofana is a dependable destination for your online shopping endeavors.

Uncovering, often referred to as Yofana, presents itself as an online retail haven, offering a diverse array of products, ranging from footwear and handbags to clothing and casual attire, all at exceptionally competitive prices. However, our extensive scrutiny of this store has unveiled an array of disconcerting factors that should give prospective shoppers pause for thought before embarking on their purchasing journey.

1. Ownership Enigma: Yofana is under the aegis of Guangzhou Kesi E-Commerce Co., Limited, a company whose online standing is marred by doubt. This entity is interlinked with numerous unscrupulous online outlets. It’s imperative to acknowledge that claims of being situated in the UK may not hold water, as establishing a company in the UK is relatively uncomplicated, and many virtual addresses are leased. In reality, most of Yofana’s products emanate from China, not the UK.

2. Elusive Customer Support: conspicuously lacks easily accessible customer support channels. The provided email address,, is non-responsive, and no telephone number is available. Numerous attempts to establish contact with their customer service have met with futility.

3. Alluring Yet Implausible Discounts: The store promotes products at prices that appear too good to be true. These discounts often border on the surreal, luring unsuspecting customers. In truth, authentic stores rarely offer such exorbitant discounts.

4. Absence of Cybersecurity Safeguards: does not integrate essential cybersecurity protocols like McAfee or Norton, rendering the website susceptible to cyberattacks that could jeopardize customers’ personal and financial data.

Essential Attributes Of Yofana

Website URL:

Registered Business Address: Not Disclosed

Email Contact:

Phone Support: Unavailable

Date of Registration: June 26, 2019

Payment Method Accepted: Credit/Debit Card

Is Legit Or A Scam?

Judging by the grievances voiced by customers and the red flags associated with the website, does not exude authenticity or trustworthiness. It relies on the allure of low prices to attract patrons, but the overall shopping experience frequently falls short of expectations. Prudence is warranted when contemplating transactions with this platform.

Is PayPal A Safe Payment Method For Yofana?

The use of PayPal does not necessarily ensure swift refunds in situations of this nature. Some dubious establishments manipulate PayPal’s system by providing unrelated tracking numbers, making transaction disputes arduous. While PayPal can offer a degree of protection, it does not eliminate all potential risks.

How To Identify A Scam Website: A Guide

To spot potential scam websites, adhere to these guidelines:

  • Investigate the domain’s age to ascertain its operational history.
  • Verify the physical location by scrutinizing the provided return address.
  • Seek customer reviews online to gauge the store’s reputation.
  • Test social media icons to verify their legitimacy and functionality, ensuring they lead to authentic social media pages of the store.

In Conclusion, alias Yofana, engenders pronounced concerns due to its affiliation with a dubious entity, the absence of viable customer support, extravagant discount offerings, and inherent cybersecurity vulnerabilities. It is not recommended for online shopping endeavors due to the attendant perils. When navigating the online shopping realm, it is imperative to exercise vigilance, undertake research, and validate the authenticity of the store to safeguard personal and financial information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. When was registered? was registered on June 26, 2019.

  1. What categories of products does offer? purports to vend a wide assortment of products, including footwear, handbags, and clothing. 

  1. Is it possible to cancel orders?

Yes, order cancellations can be executed prior to product shipment.

  1. What constitutes the returns policy?

The returns policy stipulates that returns are acceptable within 14 days of receiving the product.

  1. How are refunds handled?

Refunds are disbursed following the reception and inspection of the returned item.

  1. What is the shipping policy?

Yofana offers free shipping on orders surpassing £40.

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