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12 Fantasy Football Punishments For The League Loser

fantasy football punishments

Winning the Fantasy League is surely the best feeling ever for the person but giving one of the best fantasy football punishments to the league loser adds a cherry. There will not be any fun if the same punishment goes on repeating season to season; thus, you need to have some out of the box ideas to give some creative fantasy football punishments to the league loser. Don’t worry. You are at the right place as we are here to help you by giving some of the top fantasy football punishments around the world that are both creative and funny. Here are those fantasy football punishments for which league players will fight against to create some good league competition.

1. The Walmart Helper

The loser must wear Walmart work clothes that look alike and a big smile. For at least two hours at the local Walmart, he/she must stand near the shopping carts, handing out the shopping carts to the arriving customers. He/she also needs to greet those customers with a big smile and say, “Welcome to Walmart, Sir/Madam.” There is also a fun side alternative to this fantasy football punishment. The loser needs to be forced to help the customers by offering them to find whatever they need and pointing at the correct section. Also, the time limit can be two hours. If the loser already works at Walmart, instead of Walmart, try this in some big shoe departments where he/she will offer to help the customers to try on their shoes.

2. Open Mic Night

The loser can either recite a poem or sing a song at a local open mic night. The loser needs to wear a beret cap if he/she is going to recite a poem. If the loser happens to be a good singer, then change the punishment into rap instead of singing a song. Rap can be your choice. Make sure before the punishment starts, the loser is not allowed to mention that it is a joke or he/she is given one of the fantasy football punishments. Instead of these, he/she must say, “Finally, I get guts to do this in front of a crowd. Thank you for listening to my favorite poem/song/rap.”

3. Date Night

The loser must date a blow-up doll. Buy or get a blow-up doll and give it some funny name. The loser must take it on a date to a local restaurant. He/she must treat a doll as a real person, don’t hurt its feelings, and order it some food and a drink. The rest of the league players must attend the scene and sit at a different table, allowing them to take photos or videos for some social media embarrassment to the loser. This punishment is one of the famous fantasy football punishments.

4. The Laundry League

The loser must do laundry all the dirty clothes of each member of the league. The loser will pick up the dirty clothes from each member’s house and must be returned cleaned, pressed, and folded. This punishment will make sure the loser works hard for the next season to avoid fantasy football punishments.

5. Roadside Dance

The loser must hold up a large sign that says, “My fantasy football team sucks. Honk if you want to see me doing Mr. Bean’s dance step.” If any passerby honks its vehicle, the loser must dance doing Mr. Bean’s step. This punishment is one of the fantasy football punishments where the loser needs to dance.

6. The Wax

The loser must go to a local esthetician and have his/her bodacious booty waxed. This way, every player gets to enjoy the loser’s pain and fear of losing the next season’s league.

7. The Lemonade Stand

The loser must wear a boy scout uniform and set up a lemonade stand on the corner and sell lemonade until the pitcher is empty. If the police arrive to shut down the stand, the loser must protest. The loser must say, “I’m doing all this to save up for my sex change.”

8. Temporary Unicorn Tattoo

A large temporary unicorn tattoo is applied on the loser’s back. All the members, including the loser, must go to the crowded swimming pool club where he needs to be shirtless (if female, then backless swimsuit). One of the members must ask him/her about the tattoo, he/she must answer, “This tattoo inspired me to be what I am today.”

9. The Delivery Boy/Girl

The loser must serve the members with drinks, the food at the league members gathering for the rest of the season.

10. Eyebrows Of Shame

The winner gets a golden chance to shave the eyebrows of the loser. The loser must take the selfie with their shaved eyebrows and upload it as a profile picture on their social media platform. In this way, this punishment will be remembered.

11. The Political Stooge

If the loser is a conservative party supporter, he/she must attend a liberal party rally holding their party’s banner. If the loser is a liberal party supporter, then he/she must attend the conservative party rally holding their party’s banner.

12. Early Halloween

The loser must wear any of his/her Halloween costumes, and after wearing that, he/she needs to walk through the local mall. You can also invite the loser’s family members to enjoy the show.

A Final Word

These are some best fantasy football punishments around the world that we have shared. But before announcing these punishments, make sure that everyone agrees to keep any of this punishment for the loser. Don’t force the punishment on anyone if that will lead to some mishappening in their life. Example: A loser was forcefully punished for dressing him/her in something inappropriate, which was against his/her office rule and the next day he/she was fired from the job. Thus, make sure to have a punishment that doesn’t affect one’s life permanently. There must be fun in your life but also should be within your limits. You can also share the fantasy football punishments with us that you find funny as well as embarrassing for the loser.

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