Casino Comps Secrets That You Should Learn

Casino Comps Secrets

You don’t have to be an expert casino player to get comps at any casino. All you need is common sense with a little money in your pockets. Many players know how to get free ambiance, entertainment, food, lodging, and free travel from casinos.

To get these freebies, all you need is to learn how the casino comps secrets work. In this article, we will discuss different casino comps secrets in detail. With these secrets, you will learn how to access the free stuff from gambling destinations worldwide like Atlantic City, Las Vegas, etc.

How Much You Are Betting

Most of the players, including novice casino players, know that the casino comps are proportional to the number of bets you play and the amount you are playing and losing.

Playing Table Games

If you are not an advanced player who specialized in video poker, then you should take less risk by playing table games with a low house edge, preferably Blackjack.

The house edge on slot machines is very exaggerated, so that will be very risky for you to lose a high amount. You aim to lose as much less money as possible while getting as much free casino comps as you can.

Get A Partner

To maximize the casino comps secrets, get a partner, maybe your wife, girlfriend, or friend. To minimize the loss, you and your partner have to play games that offer offsetting bets. That means if you win, your partner loses and vice versa. These offsetting bets can be made in games like roulette, craps, etc. You can bet red in roulette, and then your partner bets black, or you can bet the number between 1-18 wager, and the partner has to bet on the number between 19-36 wager. In craps, you can bet ‘pass line,’ and your partner has to bet ‘don’t pass line.’ This method will minimize the loss.

Fool The Pit Bosses

The pit bosses start counting how much you are betting when you sit down. It is wise to start your betting with $25 per hand on the first four or five hands while the pit bosses are watching you. As soon as the pit bosses get busy with something else, switch to betting for $5 per hand.

Now I’ll tell you how the idea as mentioned above will affect your comps.

Suppose you play 50 hands per hour. If the casino’s pit bosses named you down as a $25 per hand player, they would be assuming that you are betting $1250 per hour in betting. The casino will award you the comps based on the amount you bet on.

But in reality, you only bet $350 per hour in betting. ($25 each for the first five bets, and $5 for the next forty-five bets). Thus, you saved $900 and got the value of a much higher comp than your actual betting amount. I hope you understood one of the casino comps secrets.

Fake That You Are Playing Longer Than You Are

To create the illusion that you are playing a lot, you have to play when the casino is crowded. This can be done in the evening of the weekend or on any major holiday. You need to locate the crowRemove term: Casino Comps Secrets ded roulette or craps tables, where many actions are going on. You and your partner should already plan who will bet what color, which number sets, or ‘pass’ and ‘don’t pass line.’ Both of you and your partner should sit far away from each other to avoid the casino personal making any connection between the two of you. The crowded section will help in camouflage the player making them him/her unnoticed. Second, you can retract from making any bets before the dealer saying “no more bets” in roulette or before the shooter rolls the dice in craps. Since it will be a crowded table, no one, including pit bosses, will be able to observe that you are not making any bets. But the comp system will credit you for the bet.

Fake That You Are Losing More Than You Are

To create the illusion of losing more than you, you need to complain excessively to other players whenever you lose. This will draw the pit bosses’ attention, and they will be relieved that you are losing more than you are.

In the above points, we used an example of the illusion of betting $1250 than actual betting of $350. The casino assumes you to lose 5% of $1250 per hour at the blackjack table. That is a $62.5 loss per hour. But, in reality, you are losing 1% of $350 that is a $3.5 loss per hour. Most of the casinos multiply the assuming loss by 40% to give your comp rate. Thus, if they had expected you to lose $62.5 per hour, they will give you $25 worth of comp, which is way more than the actual loss you had. In short, you are just paying only $3.5 for $25 worth of comp!

Dress Like A Gentleman Who Has A Money To Lose

Never wear a casual dress when you are in a casino. If you dress casually like jeans and a ripped t-shirt, the casino pit bosses will expect you not to have much money to lose and will treat you accordingly. But, if you are dressed in a suit or blazer, they will treat you very nicely, believing that you have more money to lose.

Dealing With People

Be polite and friendly with the pit boss. Also, tip your dealer regularly.
As we have already discussed, you have to complain louder when you lose, which will create the illusion of losing more money than you are. But, also keep a low profile when you are winning.


We hope you will try these casino comps secrets next time when you visit any casino. I will recommend you play the table games; if you want to try these casino comps secrets, they have a low house edge. If you know any other casino comps secrets, feel free to email us.

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