Buffalo Run Casino & Resort Review

Buffalo Run Casino

Stretching over Miami, covering a land of 70,000 square feet in the form of a gaming plaza featuring the wildest machines & table games, constitutes Buffalo Run Casino. It offers multiple options for thrilling the visitors. Some of the inclusions are Aristocrat, AGS, Castle Hill, Bally, IGT, etc. 

Buffalo Run Casino & Resort is a wholesome experience of a great vacation. This location can take you on a leisure journey by making one feel the aesthetic thrills of this beautiful hotel, taste the most aromatic & award-winning cuisine, sip luxurious liquors, gamble & winning jackpots in one of the finest casinos & many more. 

Buffalo Run Casino is a full-fledged travel temptation increasing the greed of fun lovers to visit & indulge in various amenities it offers like golf, dining, entertainment events & luxurious stays. 

Let’s Give You Some Glimpses Of The Fun This Place Can Offer You

Casino With The Most Wildest Gaming Floor

Buffalo Run Casino is 70,000 square feet huge, covering multiple machines & table games from traditional to advanced ones. The entire area is designed in the form of a gaming floor. Various exciting games they offer include:

  • VGT
  • AGS
  • Aristocrat
  • Castle Hill
  • Bally
  • IGT, & many more.

The timing of the Casino operation is from 8 am to 4 pm from Monday to Sunday. They run jackpots worth millions of dollars. There are certain additional discounts for their members.

Hotel With The Most Charming Decor

Situated in Buffalo Run Casino & Resort amidst Miami, Buffalo Run Hotel has been crafted in the most eye-catchy design. It offers the coziest accommodations & luxurious suites. It has various rooms making a total of 98 rooms, including king-size, double queen, deluxe & standard suites. It’s a totally non-smoking area with many amenities for the residents. Room service of continental breakfast from Monday to Friday is a surplus.

Various room amenities include:

  • Refrigerator, microwave, LCD
  • Wifi
  • In-room coffee maker
  • King-sized bed, & so on.

Buffalo Run hotel features various things like:

  • Indoor pool
  • Business center
  • Buffalo Run Hotel Conference room
  • Boardroom
  • Guest laundry, etc.

Aromatic Dining To Tempt Your Taste Buds

There are a variety of restaurants that allow you to enjoy your specific continental dishes while wondering about the beauty of their ambiance. The most famous ones include-

  • Coal Creek
  • Backwoods
  • The Bistro

Coal & Creek offers numerous breakfast & lunch buffets for a specific duration of hours, whereas Backwoods is infamous for its drinks, beverages, grills & barbeques. The Bistro is the ultimate pizza hub. You can visit the place to get bites of authentic pizzas.

Special Lounges For Drivers

Yes, you’ve read it right. The idea of creating a special home-like lounge to adjust drivers & passers of Miami is worth appreciation. These are the most beautifully designed rooms to ease the stay of visitors.

The rate is quite within budget & is just $65 for a room. Buffalo trucker’s lounge will provide you with the most spacious truck parking lot, which is free of charge. Other amenities include:

  • Private bathroom access
  • Hot shower for $10
  • Laundry for $10
  • Special concession for food & hotel for truckers
  • Kitchen, living room, TV, shuttle service to casino & hotel, etc.

World-Famous Performances

Buffalo Run Casino & Resort has an inbuilt 1,500 seat Peoria showplace event center where various global stars perform. Some of the upcoming events include:

  • Sugar Ray concert on 29 Jan
  • Theory of a Deadman in February & many more is on the list.

In-Built Golf Course

Peoria Ridge Golf Course is a clubhouse that holds the strength of gathering 125 people at a time. This banquet hall is technically very equipped with both audio & video systems. It is aesthetically very rich & has two ponds within, in one of these stands a 50 feet fountain with 8 LED lights. It allows both Club members & non-members to hold meetings, events, etc. on-site dining is a surplus.

Buffalo Run Casino & Resort: A Temptation

This Resort is a full platter in itself, offering everything one can expect from a luxurious stay to taste bud tickling food. The best part is the inbuilt Truckers lounge at pocket-friendly prices. The prices are not so pocket-friendly when it comes to staying in Buffalo Run Hotel, but the facilities the suites offer make it worth the money. 

Located amidst the beautiful nature of Miami, this place is a full package of staycation, fascination & adventure.

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