How Non-AAMS Casinos Impacted Italian Gambling

Non-AAMS Casinos Impacted Italian Gambling

Italy’s gambling industry is governed by strict rules and requirements. Specifically, all legal casinos are required to hold a license with the AAMS, and this goes for offshore sites as well as those Italian or domestic ones. However, in more recent years, there have been a growing number of casino non AAMS sites available to Italian players.

Such sites are not licensed by AAMS and can pose problems, or not, to the Italian gambling industry as a whole. Numerous debates have arisen over these non-AAMS casinos and whether or not they should be able to remain operating. However, many players like the accessibility of these unregulated sites causing a little upheaval in the Italian industry as a whole. As such, it’s important to look at the impact such casinos have made on Italian gambling.

Shifting To Casino Non AAMS Sites Reduces Business

The first noticeable, and major impact, on the Italian gambling market is the loss of business of AAMS casinos. Many Italians are switching over to non-AAMS casinos. As a result, Italian licensed casinos are losing their players, which means a loss in revenue for the AAMS casino.

While it doesn’t sound like so much of an impact, it very much is. This is because it is the Italian-licensed AAMS casinos that contribute to the country’s economy. Each AAMS casino is actually taxed, providing a percentage of their profits to the Italian government. With fewer and fewer players joining AAMS casinos, this profit is becoming a lot smaller, impacting the economy of Italy on a much wider scale. If more players continue playing at a casino online non AAMS site, then this problem is only going to get worse.

Increasing The Player Pool

However, it’s also important to take into consideration the positive impact these non-AAMS casinos are having on the Italian gambling industry too. For instance, these more liberal, free casinos licensed in Curaçao are encouraging a greater number of players to join the betting industry. Non-AAMS casinos tend to have more variety when it comes to games and bonuses, which is why they’re so popular with Italian players who are used to dealing with the strict standards and requirements of AAMS casinos.

As these non-AAMS casinos are bringing in more players, the overall number of gamblers is growing in Italy which is a good thing for the industry as a whole. More players are looking for places to play and may end up coming back to AAMS casinos.

What The Italian Gaming Industry Can Do

At this point, many are concerned that non-AAMS casinos will simply take over the Italian betting scene, but this is unlikely to happen. Instead, the Italian governing bodies need to acknowledge this growing issue with non-AAMS casinos and address it directly. Rather than aiming to ban Italians from these betting sites, there should be an overhaul of the strict regulations governing Italian casinos. After all, this is what is driving players over to non-AAMS casinos in the first place.

While AAMS casinos put an emphasis on security and safety, non-AAMS casinos are more about providing a wider range of eclectic games and bigger bonuses. In the long run, these are appealing features for all players, hence the move to these platforms. Simply put, the Italian government needs to carefully consider their emphasis on security, potentially providing more freedom to players in the form of higher betting limits and access to more games.

If this is the impact that non-AAMS casinos have on the Italian gaming industry, then it may end up being a good result for everyone after all.

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