MLB Prop Betting: Everything You Need To Know!

MLB Prop Betting

Prop betting refers to wagering on any statistical data within a game apart from the final result. For example, games like MLB and Baseball involve many statistics for players and teams, creating endless betting options.   

In World Series games, you can witness multiple prop bets on every single statistic of MLB. Prop betting is a fun activity, making you excited about the finer details of an MLB game and allowing you to immerse fully in the ball game. Let’s glance at a few instances of MLB team prop bets, player prop bets, and various strategies of MLB prop betting.  

MLB Team Props  

MLB team props involve wagers, including team statistics which aren’t fully dependent on the game’s outcomes. A few examples of MLB team prop bets:

  • Team scoring first in the game  
  • Win a run be scored in the first inning?  
  • Total Runs, Hits and Errors both teams combined together (under/over)  
  • First team in the game to reach 3 runs  
  • Particular team’s total runs (under/over)  
  • Sum of Home Runs hit in the game combined together (under/over)  

This list goes on and on with diverse MLB team prop bets you can choose from an average sportsbook.  

MLB Player Props  

These include wagers involving individual player’s stats in a specific game. Typical MLB prop betting includes under/overs or player vs player wagers on particular player game stats. Some examples of MLB player prop bets are:

  • Total Runs, Hits and RBIs (under/over)  
  • Total Strikeouts (under/over)  
  • If a player hits a Home Run? (Under 0.5/ basically over)  
  • Most Runs/Hits and RBIs (player v/s player)  
  • Most Strikeouts (player v/s player)  

Apart from these, there are numerous other prop bets that you can also select, mainly in playoff games when every player’s stats are studied thoroughly.  

Example of MLB prop bet:

Total Runs, Hits and RBI’s – Ryan Zimmerman (WAS)  

Over 2.5 (-115)  

Under 2.5 (-115)  

From this example, if one thinks that Ryan is going to register a combined sum of hits, runs and RBI of more than 2.5, then it’s good to wager over. If it’s not so, then prefer wagering under. The –115 odds for both results are better than any MLB game line featuring –110 odds for both results in the case of perfectly similar teams. Another reason for this is that Bookmakers have discovered that players find it easy to beat MLB prop bets, so they need to take some extra juice not to lose money in any way.  

Conclusion: MLB Prop Betting Strategy  

Prop betting is profitable if one stays calm and patient and waits for a specific line where either flat out doesn’t make sense, or the sense of reward outweighs the risk. Following a team and playing religiously can help players discover some optimistic value prop bets. Follow these strategies and fire a bet upon finding a rigid line without any hesitation.   

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