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Valorant Betting Guide 2022


Not many people know about this game as it is a recent launch. Riot Games developed this brand-new game, and some other genius minds contributed to this idea, including various highly-competitive titles, League of Legends, etc. Since its launch, Valorant has been considered the next huge thing in the esports and online gaming industry.  

Valorant is the latest IP address that accumulates some amazing games like Overwatch and CSGO; well-packed in tactical shooters focusing on teamwork. The esports gambling community is very welcoming towards new titles; hence, there’s no doubt Valorant will be topping the charts in some time.  

The popularity of esports gambling opportunities has been uplifting for a decade. People wanted to know about all the betting options Valorant would come up with even before its launch. Consequently, esports betting platforms began featuring Valorant as soon as the first real tournament began. Professionals of the industry super soon shifted from Overwatch and CSGO to Valorant to try the newly released. Simultaneously, Riot Games used Twitch beta key drops to create hype among the community. All this has already spurred the internet.  

If you are also planning to place your first Valorant bet and try your luck, here’s some knowledge you must pay attention to beforehand.   

Best Valorant Betting Sites  

Most loved Valorant betting websites include Betway Esports, 10cric Sports, 22Bet Esports, Spin Sports, etc.   

Betway Esports: The website has received humongous recognition from the industry’s well-renowned regulators, and it lets Indian bettors bet on various disciplines, including numerous sports like hockey, boxing, football, tennis, and horse-racing.  

10cric Sports: The platform offers to bet on 200+ sports on both its official website and app for android and apple. It sees 15,000+ active users daily.  

Factors Of Quality Valorant Betting Sites  

It’s very difficult and frustrating for beginners to find a good betting website, and people also lack the knowledge of a good bookie. So, when one doesn’t know what qualities to look for, which are overrated, and which are mandatory, how will you figure out the best game for you?   

Here is a quick breakdown of the main characteristics to look for in online betting sites if you’re having trouble deciding where to bet on Valorant online:   

  • Customer service effectiveness  
  • The margin of profit on Valorous Bets is low  
  • User-friendly website interface  
  • A well-maintained, mobile-friendly website  
  • Numerous Ways to Place Real Money Bets on Valorant  
  • A large number of accepted payment methods  
  • Quick rewards for winning bets  

What Is Valorant?  

A first-person shooter video game called Valorant is accessible on the PC. The game, created by Riot Games, emphasizes competitive elements and pits players from all over the world against one another in a unique, well-balanced, and intensely competitive environment.  

Valorant is still a far cry from becoming as popular as its direct rivals, CSGO, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six Siege as an esports game. It would be absurd to anticipate the same numbers as CSGO from something so new, given that the game, as most of you are aware, was only published on June 2.  

A few months after its debut, the major issue with Valorant is that the original buzz has all but vanished. While it was active, Riot Games’ experiment with Twitch beta keys was hugely successful. However, following the game’s formal launch, the excitement subsided, and plenty of gamers stopped playing it.  

The good news is that Valorant is still extremely well-liked despite losing its Twitch-fueled buzz. The sheer volume of events that occurred soon after the game’s release is one of the causes of that. In addition, due to Valorant’s swift entry onto the main esports stage, well-balanced gameplay, and promises of a massive esports environment, many former CSGO, and Overwatch players flocked to the area.  

And frankly, you can’t blame them. Valorant “borrows” heavily from the two extremely well-liked esports games, making it unnecessary for former Overwatch and CSGO stars to go through the arduous changeover process. This isn’t a negative thing, either. The flood of specialists from other games can only help the scene continue to grow; in fact, the Valorant betting environment will also benefit.  

Overwatch & CSGO Similarities  

Valorant’s competitive gameplay immediately reminds one of CSGO and Overwatch just by looking at it. Here, we’re talking about a 5v5 tactical shooter that uses map defusal mechanics and has (relatively comparable) CSGO-style map designs. However, in terms of Overwatch, the graphics, gun design, and abilities share the most similarities.  

Yes, there are skills. The 11 agents that are available for heroic players to select each have a special set of skills that make them excel in a particular area of the game. Valorant has it all, whether we’re talking about starting fights with strong crowd control, helping the team out with heals and revives, smoking potential, or just plain old duelling fun!  

Does that imply that, like in Overwatch, skills in Valorant are the end-all and be-all of damage potential? That’s not actually the situation here, though. It is theoretically feasible to lead your team in contributions and fraggers without ever activating an ability. It’s challenging, there’s no doubt about that, but it’s doable. That’s obviously not the case with Overwatch. Guns are exclusively used to charge up abilities in the esports game from Blizzard.  

The skills of a Valorant are comparable to CSGO grenades. Simply put, the range of “grenades” is substantially larger, offering many more possibilities on both ends and significantly boosting the entertainment value. In fact, it’s possible that the pure enjoyment that Valorant offers, both in terms of gameplay and broadcast quality, is the reason why so many people desire to wager on it.  

How To Play Valorant  

Although the main focus of this page is on real money Valorant betting options and supplementary Valorant betting instructions, we think it’s important to also provide you guys a deeper look at the gameplay. Since the topic at hand is relatively new, you should be familiar with it before starting your first-ever online Valorous betting session.  

Aim Of Valorant 

Your aim is the first thing you should improve (if you want to play Valorant better)! Everything in Valorous is for the goal! If you can’t hit that headshot straight off the peak, no matter how many angles you learn on every map or how many ability alignments and site executions you know, you’re not going to have fun!  

Utilizing the in-game practice range is the most effective approach to improve your aim in Valorant. It provides a good selection of choices, such as target dummies with identical hitboxes as Valorant agents. The practice area in Valorant is among the best in the industry because there are many settings you may customize. Yes, CSGO could certainly improve.   

Map & Agent Pool Depth  

Map Pool Depth 

What does it mean? Well, it’s not difficult, considering Valorant only has four competitive maps. You’ll need to master playing on all four of them, though. In addition, you’ll need to become familiar with a few defensive locations, offensive strategies, and crucial map perspectives.  

Understanding the map selection offered by Valorant is not too difficult. After all, you only need to become familiar with four different types of maps. Although it may not be as obvious as you believe, competitive Valorant has another dimension.  

Play Sense  

It’s time to start playing Valorant competitively once you’re happy with your aim, have mastered all four maps, and understand what each obtainable agent can do. Participating in competitive games is the most effective way to gain that necessary experience. But more significantly, playing many games will improve your sense of the game. You’ll begin to recognize various auditory clues, be able to anticipate specific events and the movements of your opponents, and even make the most of challenging, seemingly hopeless post-plant conditions.  

Playing the game actively, though, can only get you so far. You need to pay attention to what other players are doing if you want to sharpen your gaming sense even further. You can learn a lot about how professionals handle particular situations by observing them in action. It’s a terrific approach to improving your abilities to watch events. Heck, while you’re there, you might as well stake some Valorant wagers!  

The Most Important Valorant Events To Bet On   

Everything we discuss moving forward will center around placing online bets on Valorant! So, first things first, let’s look more closely at the most important Valorant events that people wish to wager on.  

Valorant Betting Prospects  

In the long run, things appear promising if we consider the big picture and the betting potential of Valorant. Sadly, we don’t currently have any actual Valorant betting statistics to examine. However, based on what we can infer from studying the esports betting community, betting on Valorant should continue to expand over time. As some had previously predicted, it might not be as successful as Dota 2 or CSGO betting, but it can still be an enjoyable and profitable esports title.  

Series Of Valiant Ignition  

There aren’t many noteworthy online Valorant betting events available, which is understandable given how recently the game has been released. The first significant series of Valorant events, the Ignition Series, was meant to advance the esports scene for the game. Although the watching figures weren’t too dismal, the outcomes haven’t been made public yet.  

Types Of Valorant Bets  

Esports betting sites have pleasantly surprised everyone with their comprehensive variety of betting possibilities, despite the fact that real money Valorant betting is still a relatively new market. Numerous options are available, some of which offer tremendous value to those who are willing to take a chance.  

If you’ve never bet before, you’ll need all the assistance you can get in understanding the many types of bets. Fortunately, we’re here to simplify your life. The most well-liked Valorant betting options are listed below.  

Precise Score  

You must accurately predict the outcome of the game in order to win these bets. There are two different sorts of correct score bets available with Valorant: map-based and match-based. For a map-based accurate score, you must predict the outcome of just one map correctly (e.g., 13-9 for Sentinels on map 1). You must properly predict the result of the given match to receive a match-based correct score (e.g., 2-1 for TSM). It might be challenging to predict correctly when placing correct score bets.  


The most straightforward Valorant betting possibilities are match winners. Here, we’re referring to the traditional “choose the winner” wagers. They only ask that you pick the winning team accurately. I’m done now! All it takes to win this wager is that. Match-winners are unquestionably the most popular bet type, whether we’re talking about singles or accumulators.  

Maps/Rounds Total  

This is the key distinction between total maps/rounds over/under bets and accurate score bets. You must predict the overall number of maps and rounds in the provided match rather than the exact score. Your task is to predict whether the final count of maps or rounds will be higher or lower than the bookies’ approximate estimate, which is why the wager is called “total maps/rounds over/under.”  

Win Both Pistol Rounds For The Team  

In both halves, the opening rounds are pistol rounds. In a Valorant match, the first and thirteenth maps are referred to as “pistol rounds.” Given that they influence the outcomes of the next two rounds and significantly alter the odds in favor of one team, they are crucial for both teams. Teams work very hard to polish them for this reason, and bettors also adore them!  

Person With The Most Kills Or Assists  

This Valorant betting option with real money is also simple. First, you must choose the player you believe will have the most kills (or assists, depending on the bet you choose) during the match, as suggested by the wager’s name. Of course, this is dangerous, but if you are well-versed in Valorant’s esports community, you may achieve great things with it!  

How To Place Online Valorant Bets  

Here is a quick how-to that will help you understand the fundamentals of placing Valorant bets:  

  1. Make sure you are familiar with the game. If you don’t understand how to play the game, you can’t expect to be good in Valorant betting.  
  2. Find a trustworthy betting site, please! With a good bookmaker, you may expect the best betting results. If you’re serious about betting on Valorant, you’ll need it.  
  3. Create a user account! Make sure you are using your real information because you will need to verify your identity and email address.  
  4. You should add some funds to your betting bankroll. Use your favorite online payment option, but refrain from making a large initial investment.  
  5. Look for games to wager on. The esports sector often offers valuable betting alternatives. But this substantially differs from one bookmaker to the other.  
  6. Decide for yourself! Never rely on your gut instinct. Before putting money into a hazardous Valorant betting slip, consider all your options and do lots of research.  
  7. I’m done now! All you need to do now, if you follow these six steps, is click on the bright “bet” button, and you should be set to go.  


Valorant is still a relatively young game, as was indicated in the introduction. So far, there have only been a few significant events, some of which had little to no betting activity. However, the competitive ecosystem of the game is coming up nicely, which is a plus. Many CSGO pros have entered the scene, and previous pros from other competitive FPS games have done the same.  

There is also a good deal of young talent in this place. So, it shouldn’t take long for the game to start drawing in a fresh round of promising esports futures.  

This is fantastic news for the Valorant betting scene because bookies’ risk management teams carefully consider long-term sustainability when developing long-term coverage strategies.  

We believe we’ve covered all the essential details regarding the perennial query of how to wager on Valorant. But, yes, there are a lot more complex words and ideas.   

However, as this is a Valorant betting tutorial for beginners, we tried to keep it as short and straightforward as possible.   

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