You Win The Stake But Not The Stakeholder

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In Today’s Scenario, What Is The Use Of Betting?

Betting is the key to the easiest Reaping lies around the cornerstone fact that in today’s fast moving Socio Economic condition, wherein, money has proved to be the Pivotal pedestal around every deciding parameter,  in such a scenario, Gambling has become the key for those many Youngsters who want to make the so called, “Quick Money”, overnight. At the same time, the estimates are telling that Online Betting Sites, Online Odds, Online Betting Sites in India, Online Betting Best Site, Online Betting Sites Sports, Online Gambling Sites India, Online Gambling Websites and Online Gambling sites real Money in India are proving to be the next generation of Mints, especially for the Youngsters in between the age group of 20 top 30.

Let All Of Us Switch On The Population Of The Users Who Are Into Gambling

As mentioned before, you can put it in any way that Online Betting Sites, Online Betting Sites in India, Online Betting Sites in Indian Rupees, Online Odds have already proved the Hotspot for around 560 Million Internet Users in India and out of this, the Young people are driving its Gaming Market. Furthermore, the estimated value of this market has been expected to be worth One Billion Dollars. The most Catchy part of the story is that around Forty percent of this population participate in the so called, Online Odds, Online Betting Best site, Online Betting Sites in India, Online Gambling sites India, Online Gambling sites Real Money in India, the Online Betting sites or else you can also address it as the Online Betting Sites Sports, which are truly proving Lucrative.

The Question For The Day…. You Win The Stake But You Are Not The Stakeholder?

Online Odds or else the so called, Online Betting Best Site, yes, in the other way round the Online Betting Sites Sports are meant solely as well as purposefully to lure people to opt for certain range of choices. Firstly, it is the “Priming Norm”. Furthermore, the typical example of a Priming Norm, comes from an assertion such as, “ Most of them near you have already purchased it.” At the Base level, any beginner or else even a matured Gambler needs to realize the fact that on the Gambling Platforms, what any Bettor would be purchasing is nothing else, but “Bets”. Now, as a result, in order to perform successfully, in this Betting process, these Punters are often primed by the success stories of these Winners.

The Parameter On Which We Need To Focus

On one hand, the Online Betting Best Site, Online Gambling Sites India, Online Gambling Websites or else in the other way round, the Online Gambling Sites India would nudge the avaricious instinct of the Punters in order to only favor them to provoke their own Decision Making the process more and more, what we need to ponder on is the fact whether does it happen really in the vested interests of the Decision Maker? In fact, the more are the nudges, the more does it happen to prove as the impediment for the Decision Making, therefore, even in case, a Winner bags the stake, yet, they need to realize that they could never ever become the Stakeholder.

How Does This Process Work Out?

Online Betting Sites in India or else the Online Odds are basically the repository of Prompts, Messages and Flows and at the Day End, these are focused to trick the Punters allowing them to forcibly commit a couple of Desirable actions, which are basically being guided by the Online Gambling sites Real Money in India, rather, the Online Gambling Websites.

The In Additional Parameters

At the same time, the Online Odds or else the Online Betting Sites in India, would offer for the New User to sign up using simply a Phone number. Yes, the catchy parameter lies here since there are no In App Disclosures or else Verification messages which could create awareness to the Users about the risk of the Gambling process. Adding to this, the Punter does not receive any Verification messages also. Therefore, this is the real color of such Fantasy Platforms. Furthermore, it could be asserted that the process is absolutely Frictionless.

The Third Challenge

Online Gambling Sites India or else the so called Online Betting Sites Sports are always trying to concede the Reality of the Final Day show and portray the Gambling process as a Social affair. At the same time, these Sites would encourage the Users to play with their own Friends or else with other people. Captions such as, “Play with Friends, Play to Win” are coming in the category of those Live notifications which act No less a Mirage, but rather a candid reflection. Apart from this, the Users who are Online at a given moment along with the option to Video call and chat also act as the Key stumbles to the many Punters who are likely to get meshed up in the Labyrinth of Punting more because they start feeling that in case they do not participate, they might miss it out. In fact, this is also addressed as the “Fear Of Missing Out”.

The Picture Seems To Be Very Vibrant

At The Ground Level, Emails are the most prominent source through which the reminders can go to the Bettors to keep on “Placing Bets” or else “Winning Big”. In addition, these Platforms are also very active in the remaining time left for a Bet and therefore create a sense of Urgency.

Concluding Lines

However, with the evolving times, the scenario of Online Betting Sites in Indian Rupees is changing. The Online Gambling Sites India is slowly on the verge of getting a transit with the help of the Several States and the Agencies which are trying to implement its’ Central and State Regulations, until then, the Punter would definitely manage to win the stake, but they would never prove a Stakeholder.

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