Asian Bookies: Everything You Need To Know

Asian Bookies

Asian bookies, also called “Asian bookmakers,” are among the most popular options in today’s modern betting world. They are proven reliable and trustworthy sources in gambler’s professional life. Asian bookies attract a high population. They may fail when it comes to the variety of games, but they are still managing to beat their competitors in the UK and European markets.  

It tempts fresh rookie bettors to select it as an effective betting method. But many beginners don’t know how this concept actually works. Quite noticeable that most people aren’t aware of the advantages and disadvantages of Asian bookies. So, we’ve created a list of benefits and prospective drawbacks of the Asian bookies.  

What Do Asian Bookies Do 

Asian bookies are very different from the bookies belonging to the rest of the Earth. To comprehend better, observe the under-mentioned advantages and drawbacks of Asian bookies. You have to find the best profile of Asian bookies who can align with your way of betting and its strategy. Other factors also concern Asian bookies, which may or may not correlate directly with your game. Let’s jump to the advantages of Asian bookies.  

Advantages Of Asian Bookies  

The very first advantage of Asian bookies is that they do not put any kind of betting limits in the game. So, if you want to play a high-stakes cash game, there’s no one to stop you from getting a big wager opportunity. So as a big gambler, increased checks won’t be an issue when you make huge deposits and withdrawals.  

Asian bookies maintain friendly customer solutions and allow customers to bet limitlessly, in turn, experiencing big wagers. The majority of these bookies don’t confine customers in any way.  

Another perk here is that Asian bookies have unlimited options for Asian handicap betting. Moreover, they offer massive welcome bonuses as soon as you join and your new account is created.   

Asian bookies are even more reliable than standard betting sites in the UK and Europe, so it’s easier to bet on Asian booking sites via various verification processes.  

Thirdly, Asian bookies are well-known for highly competitive odds and try to match all other global odds. Therefore, it can be strongly said that Asian bookies aren’t anyone’s second choice in the world of betting.  

Asian bookies stress on low margins that boost their struggles to overshadow their counterparts. This has won many punters on their side. As a result, Asian betting companies are also vividly flourishing.   

Asian bookie sites offer a huge welcome bonus, favorable odds, huge deposit and wagering limits, and topmost high betting limits.  

Why Should You Choose Asian Bookies?  

Asian bookies tick all boxes of punters’ expectations like bonuses, compatible odds, great customer service, betting options, security, and live scores. Safety standards are high enough to enhance their customers’ trust. You know that gambling and betting depend upon trust, and Asian bookies have invested multiple resources to defend customer wagers and win against cyber fraud actors.  

Gambling is not only about winning but also about who scored, conceded, and other outcomes. In this scenario, Asian bookmakers must be the primary choice. Also, there are unlimited profiles if you are on a search for the best bookmakers in Asia.  

If you navigate across various betting companies and their websites, you will notice that Asian bookies offer high-quality services with incredible perks. These include:  

Great Odds  

Most of the Asian bookies run on low profits in comparison to the European ones. For example, if European bookies offer 90/100 odds on a simple coin flip bet, then Asian bookies will offer the same stakes for 19/20. These odds vary from country to country, as an Asian bookie will offer diverse odds than the Japanese bookmaker, which might be better than those in the European market.  

Live Betting Facility  

Asian bookies focus on instant plays and facilitate Asian handicaps in play. They cover all sports that European bookmakers do; they even offer soccer odds that even European bookies lack. Asian bookies also offer football odds on the Chinese Super League.  

Small Markets  

Asian bookies have a long list of famous betting markets like Serie A, UEFA Champions League, Spanish La Liga, and English Premier League. There you can discover some excellent betting sites, including Asian football games and less popular games like hockey. They will also offer more odds, allowing you to win massively in the majority of these competitions.   

Asian Handicaps In Play  

These websites are even more popular; mostly, these end in draws. Asian bookies decrease the teams’ scored goals added to the match’s real total. The fascinating part is the capability to overdo the draws’ probabilities in a match. This method wins visitors for Asian bookies.  

Differences In Asian Bookies & European Bookies  

  • Asian bookies offer high betting limits, while both deposit and betting limits are lower with European bookies. Those who want to enjoy high-stakes wagering must enroll with Asian bookies.  
  • Asian bookies offer great odds and run low on profit, while it’s quite the opposite with European bookies.  
  • Asian bookmakers are more reliable; they take deposits despite the stakes and pay without any complication. European bookmakers are fine when it comes to live betting, as they have different markets that allow you to bet on the goal scores, offside, corners, yellow cards, Asian corners, and red cards.  

Laws & Policies Of Asian Bookies  

The Asian gambling sector has experienced a boom in both online and offline casinos. But, don’t worry, gambling in Asia is as protected as in any other country.   

  • All casinos must be licensed to favor the punters’ security, no matter how many restrictions other states of the continent put. Do you know that Macau used to be the best in Asia for gambling and betting? But now, numerous other countries have joined this race, which is increasing this sector’s growth.  
  • The policies have experienced a major drift since the old times. Policies have already changed, and laws are expected to be modified in certain coming years.   
  • Some states have specified gambling laws, while other few enforce harsh penalties due to not-so-strong infrastructure.  
  • Some countries of Asia validate only offline land-based casinos, while some others accept both. Then there’s a third category that only allows tourists to gamble, not its citizens.   

Various Kinds Of Asian Betting Sites  


Casinos can be both online and offline or land-based. They let people enjoy unlimited slot games and table games. Every casino is unique based on its various games and offers.  


It allows gambling based on the results of any sporting event. A huge variety of types of bets and sports offered here makes Sportsbook fun.  


These are online gaming platforms mainly for betting on animal races’ outcomes, including horse and dog races. You can play it from your mobile on the biggest Asian betting websites.  

All-Included Sites  

These sites refer to the blend of two or three betting sites. For example, it can be a combination of racebook and sportsbook or a combination of any two others in the above-mentioned betting sites.   

Drawbacks Of Asian Bookies  

In order to take an impartial decision for your next big betting game, paying focus to the loopholes of Asian bookies is equally vital. However, there aren’t many downsides but a few to be aware of prior to placing your next bet.  

Those who don’t belong to Asia, if they place wagers on Asian bookies, it means they are placing it on foreign bookmakers. Of course, there’s no restriction on not betting in your own country as digitalization has made this world a global village, but many old-school gamblers still prefer to place wagers or bets in their home country.   

Secondly, there are mostly fewer options for betting in Asian markets, especially for professional bettors. This can lower the interest of gamblers in placing wagers with the Asian bookies.  

Lastly, Asian bookmaker sites support very few languages, and it lacks in-play soccer games.  

Payment Options For Asian Bookies  

Payment methods offered by Asian bookies are tailored to their clients’ needs. Thus, it gets easier for global customers to deposit and claim their winnings without any chaos. Moreover, almost all major currencies are accepted here.  

Asian banks accept e-wallets, whether Neteller, Skrill, etc. Some Asian books accept Bitcoin, a more quick and convenient way of making payments. Punters prefer a more secure way of payment. Except these PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, etc. Are acceptable.  

Major Sports At Asian Bookies Sites  

Top sports available here include Football, Basketball, and Cricket. Some less played include field hockey. If you feel it is hectic to open a desktop and keep sitting nearby, don’t worry much, Asian bookie sites are usually compatible with mobile phones. Thus, it’s super quick and easy to operate anywhere at any time.   

Conclusion Drawn  

It is quite clear that Asian bookies have more perks than drawbacks as compared to an average gambler. Also, the consecutive and rapid increase in the count of bettors and punters that join their platforms is quite persuading. Moreover, most of them have shared positive reviews about dealing with Asian bookies. All these reviews are ample; if you are a bettor and want to place wagers in the Asian gambling market, give it a shot.   

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