The Differences Between Video Roulette & Table Roulette

The Differences Between Video Roulette And Table Roulette

Roulette is a casino game, which is a french word that means “little wheel.” It’s a game where any player can place his/her various bets like whether the number is odd or even, either a single number or if the numbers are low (1-18) or high (19-36), the colors red or black, etc.

Roulette was first played in a casino in Paris in 1796. This game has enjoyed success on casino floors for centuries and is still enjoying success.

Like other games, gambling houses are also looking for their chances to expand their offerings to satisfy more customers. And to expand their offerings, casinos introduced video roulette, where players enjoy the vintage game through a machine.

It’s an obvious thing that video roulette cannot replace the charm of table roulette. Still, there are some advantages that video roulette has over table roulette, which we will discuss ahead. We will also discuss the demerit of having Video Roulette over Table Roulette. In short, we will compare Video Roulette with Table Roulette.

Before the comparison, it’s also important for us to know how video roulette is different from other counterparts like electronic roulette and rapid roulette.

Video Roulette vs. Electronic Roulette & Rapid Roulette

In terms of the cabinet look and the process of betting, video roulette is like a slot machine. But despite this, it is often confused with electronic roulette and rapid roulette.

Electronic roulette is like a video version of roulette where you play on a machine. You may have seen a single wheel in the middle surrounded by an electronic roulette collection where players select their desired chip denomination and place their bets on the same roulette wheel. In electronic roulette, the key difference is that the ball is forced onto the spinning wheel with an air tube’s help. No dealer operating the wheel.

Rapid roulette is a combination of video roulette and electronic roulette. Here every single player has their machine and video screen where they can place their bet. The key difference is that there are a dealer and the real roulette table in the middle. This gives you the next level experience of video/electronic roulette with few vintage table roulette elements. This is one of the reasons this game is such a hit.

I hope we helped you in differentiating the video roulette with electronic roulette and rapid roulette.

Advantages Of Video Roulette Over Table Roulette

You Can Play Solo

Different players have different kinds of natures. Some players don’t like to be social. If you are like them, then the video roulette is best for you as you do not have to interact with anyone. All you do is sit down to the allotted video roulette machine and insert your funds to start playing.

There is a benefit of playing solo because you don’t have to worry about playing bets on the same board in a short time frame, which is a common problem in table roulette.

In video roulette, it is just you and the machine. You get ample time to decide the bets you want to place without being pressured.

No Dealer Tips

There is no casino rule that you have to compulsory tip the table roulette dealers. But it is considered a good and gentleman etiquette to tip the dealers. These dealers rely on tips for a portion of their salary. I’m sure you don’t want to get embarrassed by not giving any tip to the dealer while playing table roulette.

Video Roulette will save you from getting embarrassed and your money, which you would have given as a tip to the table roulette dealer.

Game Speed Control

In video roulette, you have more game control as you can choose the time to spin the wheel and take ample time to put the wager.

Whereas in table roulette, it’s the dealer’s job to keep the game moving at a reasonable pace so that the casino can make more profit as there will be more spins per hour. Table dealers give less time to the players for bidding.

Lower Minimum Bet

When playing on table roulette, you require a minimum of $5 to $25 per wager, whereas, in video roulette, you require a minimum of $1 to $3 per wager, which is very less than table roulette.

Disadvantages Of Video Roulette Over Table Roulette

No Social Aspect

As we discussed, some players prefer being very less social, but at the same time there most of the roulette players prefer to be social than staring at a machine for countless spins.

Higher Rate Of Play

When we talked about how a player can control the game speed in video roulette, we assume that that will give you ample time to place the wager, but unfortunately, there comes a drawback. The drawback is that you will find yourself playing and placing far more bets than you would on a table roulette.

Little Presentation On The Spins

To watch the wheel spinning physically rather than watching the wheel spinning on your screen doesn’t make you feel enthusiastic about the game. The charm which you feel in table roulette will be missed in video roulette.


Video Roulette may offer many advantages to the player, but that doesn’t make it better than table roulette. It depends upon your weightage on each pro and con you put into choosing between video roulette and table roulette. Some players prefer table roulette just because of the social aspects it offers, which automatically negates all the advantages video roulette offers to these players. Simultaneously, some players prefer video roulette just because it saves your money by not giving tips to any dealer, lower minimum bets, etc. I suggest that one should try every kind of roulette which casinos offer in their lifetime. It would be best if you tried video roulette to check whether it suits you or not. If not, then it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have any other options. You have a lot of alternative options to try, like electronic roulette, rapid roulette, etc. These games offer the same advantages as video roulette but with some good twists. Thus, I hope our article has provided you with a lot of information about roulette which you can play according to your taste.

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