Craps Strategy: How To Bet Like A Pro

Craps Strategy

Craps is a game of thrills and adrenaline and is considered one of the best casino games by its players but choosing the best craps strategy and bets is the primary thing. We all play to succeed, and for that, a player must comprehend how different bets bring different odds and house edges in the game of craps.   

The main bets in craps include- pass bet, come bet, don’t pass, and don’t come bet. These are known to be the most suitable for picking in as they own the lowest house edge. For instance, the don’t come bet offers a house edge as low as 1.36%, whereas the pass bet’s house edge is 1.41% only. These bets can bring your game close to the break-even point but certainly won’t break your bankroll.  

Other options to improve these bets are taking free odds along, which is also the best craps strategy. For this, place bets on 6 or 8 that allow you to bet on these numbers only and not the current point. It has a house edge of 1.52% and a 7/6 payout. All these factors make this place bet very close to the break-even point.  

Craps strategy includes various multi-roll bets, too, accompanied by less favorable craps odds and payouts. Single-bet rolls also work on the same aspect and are a losing proposition. Let’s figure out the best craps strategy to win big.  

The Best Craps Strategy: Avoid Placing Single-Roll Bets

You must have got an idea of how different place bets and house edges can modify the entire game and mainly its outcomes. So, here’s presenting you deep insights into craps strategy.  

Always remember that if you aspire to win at craps, that surely all of us want to, then maintain a fair distance from single-roll bets. So, let’s learn more about this.   

What do Single-roll bets Include:

The Field Bet  

To place this bet, a roller must roll a 2,3,4,9,10,11, or 12 to make you win. The house edge varies with changing game movies and lies between a range of 2.78% to 5.56%.  

Any Craps Bet  

A player gets paid 7 to 1 in case roller rolls 2,3, or 12, which comes with a house edge of over 11.11%.  

Any 7  

It refers to guessing that points on both the nices equal seven, which offers a house edge of 16.67%.  

Why Avoid Single-Roll Bets?  

The single-roll bets have the house edge of more than 10%, which makes craps less favorable than even playing roulette, table poker, video slots, and literally any other game you see on the casino gaming floor. So, there are multiple reasons to avoid it if planning to build a strong craps strategy.

  • The house edge exceeds 10%, which is very risky for the game.  
  • These single-roll bets look fun and exciting to try but are not recommended if planning to win or follow a crap strategy.  
  • Many people make the mistake of 7 in a single-roll bet, but it pays only if a 7 is rolled on the roll.  
  • The actual odds of the game are 5/1, and the payout is only 4/1 leading to a huge edge of 16.9%, probably causing a big money drain.  

Instead of this, go with 12 craps or 2 craps bets. These bets come with a better payout value of 30/1. However, the true odds are 35/1, making a house edge of a huge 13.89% over the player.   

So, somewhere placing single-roll bets is simply not a smart craps strategy. Winning gets quite hard with this, so try to avoid it. Luck is the only power that can win you after placing the single-rolls bet.  

Use Free Odds To Your Advantage  

This craps strategy offers the biggest chance to win against the casino by decreasing the house edge. Using pass and come bets is the best craps strategy. When a shooter rolls their emerging roll, he sets a point regardless of sudden victory or defeat. In such a case, a player who bets on the pass or come owns a brand-new betting option.   

The free craps odd option reduces the house edge to nearly non-existent. Because the casino itself plays these bets at real odds and leaves no edge for itself, it’s not like a casino capping these bets relatively low as compared to the original pass bet.   

Do you know that in many casinos, it allows you to make a bet up to 100x larger than your pass bet on free odds? As a result, it diminishes the house edge greatly. For example, matching your initial pass bet can decline your house edge to 0.8%, and doubling it can reduce the house edge to 0.6%.  

So, if you choose this 100x-free odds bet, the house edge declines to only 0.02%, so it reaches the break-even point. The only requirement is a good bankroll.  

Both the above-mentioned ways involving playing craps with free odds bet is a great craps strategy as they can diminish the house edge by significant margins. Free odds can also be used on the spectrum’s other side too. Know that betting on don’t pass and don’t come bets allows you to lay odds. And a 100x bet on free odds can even bring down the house edge to negligent even 0.01%.   

The strategy works when you bet the table minimum on the initial pass bet and then enlarge the bet on free odds. It minimizes the risk on your initial bet and increases the bet only when a specific point is set. Consequently, you can play at very reasonable odds involving great payouts.  

Note: In terms of odds, don’t pass and don’t come bets are the most advised options as it has an edge of just 1.36%. However, the combination of the “free odds” option can even make things better. Once the point is set, it can reduce the house edge to even 0.01%.  

Hedging Your Bets

This craps strategy is most suitable for the risk-taking players and especially those who want to reduce their variance and risk in the game. In case you have a limited bankroll for gambling, prefer hedging your pass and free odds bets in craps by placing 6 or 8 bets alongside.  

Try placing bets this way when a point is set- in case of the point being 6, place for 8; when point is 8, bet on 6. In case of any other point being rolled, place a bet for both 6 and 8.  

The house edge on place 6 and 8 isn’t very high, so there’s nothing much to lose in these bets. Using free odds supports your pass bet even more. So, hedging your bets this way helps reduce your odds and makes payouts more frequent.  

Another hedge craps strategy to use is “any 7” bet. A player can use it along their pass and come bets. 7 is a type of single-roll bet which is won if a shooter rolls a 7 on that specific roll. However, the house edge in this craps strategy is quite high. It can cost you a lot if you lose in any case. Also, the shooter will roll a number which will require them to repeat rolling many times, and you will be left there repeating your bet 7 many times.   

An Alternative To Craps Strategy  

Instead of focusing on different strategies like avoiding single-bets, using free odds to lower the house edge and increase the payout, and incorporating into practices like hedging for the same, you can also just focus on playing more. After all, games are made with the primary purpose of entertainment and recreation. However, it’s not a craps strategy or a guide to winning but surely a way to enjoy more.  

Indulge in placing single-rolls best with payouts of 30/1 and 15/1 to enjoy the variation of the game. Play with a limited bankroll, and don’t fetch more money than you are fine with losing. Gambling is one of the riskiest and most tricky things. It can win you unexpected and lose never-imagined in a few minutes. Applying a high-variance approach earns you absolute control over your bankroll.  

One more thing to bring glory to the game of craps is to know when to quit, specifically in the case of placing long-shot bets. In case you get wins at super long odds, try to step away from the table and experience some different games. For instance, switch to low-stakes video slots in such a case as it aid to come off winning high.  

The Bottomline  

Craps is loved by those who like taking risks and simply an adrenaline rush. Craps is not only one of the most loved but the most favorable games on the casino floor. It leaves plenty of room for you to win. Smart betting and exposure to the best crap strategy can pave your path to success in the game of craps. Your focus should be on lowering the house edge and increasing payouts. The best way is “free odds,” and hedging help in the efficiency of its functioning. Always prefer pass or don’t pass bets which are with a low house edge. This way, you can increase your odds to the absolute maximum. Always use the “free odds” option after a point is set. Consider your bankroll beforehand because games are all about winning and losing. Craps is a near break-even game, so if played smartly, it offers greater odds than any other casino game.   

Craps is a gambling game, and luck plays a major role in it. Learning craps strategy and some skills can undoubtedly uplift the chances for you to win. Practice and play the game in a smart manner. Many players play craps the wrong way; that’s why they lose more often.   

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