Double Down Blackjack: A Smart Move Only If You Play Smartly

Double Down Blackjack

Are you a casino lover? Blackjack is one of the hottest casino card games. Do you want to learn some of the biggest expert moves to win it? This article is the right guidebook to uplift your blackjack experience.  

As per some gaming experts, Doubling down is a fascinating and cool trick that aims to bring profit if played in the right manner. So, let’s learn what is double down blackjack and how to play it right.  

What Is Doubling Down In Blackjack?

Double down blackjack is when you double your bet in the middle of a hand before receiving the last single card. Of course, it’s risk alarms, right? Because one wrong card and you lose it all. The crucial thing is to know when to make this double down blackjack move. You need to know the balance between playing safe and taking risks only when winning is ensured.   

Doubling down earns you an extra card. Unfortunately, many people think that it earns as many cards as they want, which is not true.   

So, let’s solve the confusion and know when exactly to double down in Blackjack.  

Three Perfect Situations To Double Down Blackjack

1. When The Total Number Of Your Cards Is 11

If you double down Blackjack in this scenario, there are increased chances of hitting 21 cards, and if not, you will still be close to the magical number.   

Many people state that doubling down on 11 is the best trick, especially for casual players.  

2. When You Have An Ace In Your Cards

If you have a soft (soft means having an ace card) 16, 17 or 18, you can definitely make this move as it can increase your chances of winning only with a single card. But only if the dealer shows a lower card.  

3. When You Have A Hard 9 Or 10

Now, hard means in case of no ace card; if a dealer shows a lower card and you have a high card, you can double down Blackjack. This tactic can increase your winning for a longer duration.  

Now, let’s know the situations when it’s not recommended to double down.  

When Not To Double Down Blackjack

  • The topmost thing is never ever double down Blackjack when the dealer shows an ace card. In this situation where they don’t even have a blackjack, yet they can end up with 21 cards.  
  • Never double down when you have shown anything higher than 11. Bet and stick to the lower total in such a case.  
  • Whenever you feel confused and unsure, drop the plan to double down Blackjack and place the bet as it is. Only take a risk when you are a clear frontrunner.  
  • You can’t double down on 21 because it will become a cliché, and everyone will start doing it if permitted.  

Factors To Consider In Double Down Blackjack Move  

Casino’s Rules

Some casinos allow double down blackjack, whereas some don’t, so make sure that your smart move doesn’t earn you a penalty.   

Some casinos allow double down blackjack but only in the case of cards totaling 10 or 11. So you need to continue normally in such a situation.  

A very few casinos allow doubling down after splitting. However, even after hitting it, you can’t make this move because it can give too much of an edge over the casino.  

Dealer’s Move

Normally dealers hit up to 17, but sometimes they hit lower, maybe 16; in such a case, there’s a very low chance of him exceeding 21. Always remember the more likely a dealer is to exceed 21, the better for you to double down in Blackjack.  

Secondly, the dealer usually checks for Blackjack if they own an Ace or a 10-value card; if the game continues as it is after checking, it means they lack Blackjack. It is the precise time to place a higher double down blackjack bet.  

Signaling Double Down In Blackjack

There’s only one step involved while signaling double down blackjack- push a stack of chips adjacent to your initial bet. But stack must equal the starting bet value.  

Though pushing a stack of chips mostly works, if it doesn’t, let the dealer know your desire to double down by pointing out one finger to intend the need for one more card.  

Note: Never put chips on the top of your initial bet because casino staff will consider it a temperament to the initial bet.  

Wrapping Up  

Double Down blackjack is a great move to make but with utmost focus and under the right situations. There are many things and factors governing the trick. Every casino has its own rules that are primary to consider before making any such move. There are many players who double down all the time and end up losing. So, hopefully, the article must have informed you how to double down in Blackjack, making and signaling this move and things to consider for the same.  

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