Jurassic World Slot

Jurassic World Slot

Are you a Jurassic Park fan? If Yes, Do you know you can enjoy and play by being in the film’s fictional world? Yes, there’s a video game designed based on the 2015 Jurassic World film. Microgaming game developers turned this action flick into a web slot game.  

Know all about the game characters, especially the dinosaurs that offer the biggest real money rewards and the cool indominus feature of the game. This article will enroute you to how to play Jurassic World Slot.  

The popularity of the Jurassic World movie has given birth to Jurassic World Slot, an online adventure and action-themed casino game. Jurassic World Slot is a 5-reel video slot game. It is developed by game developers at Microgaming. It offers its players 243 ways to win, which can be used to win 1400 times their stake in its feature mode.   

Features Of Jurassic World Slot Game

  • It is based on the film Jurassic World released in 2015.  
  • Jurassic World Slot offers 3 spin features.  
  • You get 10 free spins in the beginning.  
  • It serves high returns.  
  • Jurassic World Slot is designed with creative and top graphics.  
  • It requires low stakes and offers an opportunity to win 1400 times more than your stake.  
  • It has 243 pay lines and ways to win.  
  • Bets start from as low as 30p and can stake it up to £7.20.   
  • Some of the best places to play Jurassic World Slot games include 22 Best Casino, Europa Casino, betway live-casino, etc. All of these offer this game for real money.   

Design Of Jurassic World Slot 

  • 2015’s action film closely inspires the layout of the Jurassic World Slot game.  
  •  It has dinosaurs as central characters.  
  • Jurassic World Slot is built with vibrant and attractive graphics.  
  • Resembling the popular movie, the game featured T.Rex and a raptor.  
  • It comprises four main characters of the film as different reels. You can select any of your favorites at the beginning of the game.  
  • The indominus rex dinosaur was the most daunting character in the movie, but it is unlikely that its presence in the game boosts the game by 3-5 times your stake. It’s almost 1000 times the original bet value you place.  
  • Resembling the Jurassic World movie, the three amber symbols are quite significant and unlock the game’s free spin feature.   
  • Betting starts at 30p and offers chances to earn 1400 times of it in the feature mode, up to £7.20.  
  • Teaching 243 pay lines to win the game promotes winning.  
  • It offers 3 bonus options to choose from.  

Pros Of Jurassic World Slot

  • It offers 3 unique bonus packages from which you can choose.  
  • Low starting bets is a surplus.  
  • 10 free spins for new players  
  • The game is compatible with mobile.  
  • Attractive and vibrant graphics  
  • A free demo of the game is available.  

Cons Of Jurassic World Slot

  • Jurassic World Slot offers a very normal jackpot prize. Nothing is that exciting.  
  • The maximum value to bet is confined to £7.20.  

Jurassic World Slot Reviews

  • Many Jurassic World Slot players revealed that Owen Brady is worth the most money in the game.  
  • The game is fun in itself. Even if you haven’t watched the movie, the Jurassic World Slot game algorithm is still interesting.  
  • You can also play Jurassic World Slot game for real money if interested in casino games.  
  • Many people think that the maximum value for betting stake is too low.  

Wrapping Up 

The Jurassic World Slot is an online casino game closely inspired by the 2015 Jurassic World film developed by Microgaming game developers.  

The game features 5-reel slots, all of which are symbolized by the movie’s famous characters. You can choose anyone you like. You get 243 pay lines or tricks about how to win the game. It offers 10 free spins to new players and an additional bonus too.  

The players bet for as low as 30p, and the maximum value comes to £7.20. It can boost your stake by 1000 times in the main game and 1400 times in the feature mode. The maximum payout of the game so far is £102,000. There are many online platforms where you can play Jurassic World Slot. 

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