Four Winds Casino Review

Four Winds Casino

Are you looking for a casino that will provide you with the ultimate gaming experience? If so, Four Winds Casino awaits you! Whether you are a serious gambler or you just want to try your luck at the different gaming slots, Four Winds casino won’t disappoint you. There is something for everyone.

So, get ready for an exciting and thrilling gaming experience at this casino. Keep reading the review of the casino to know what it has to offer.

A Brief Overview

Four Winds Casino is here to celebrate and encourage your love for gaming. Four Winds Casino is a group of casinos owned by the Potawatomi Indian’s Pokagon Band. It is located near Indiana and Michigan in the United States. 

The prime property is situated in New Buffalo Township and the satellite arenas are located in Hartford, Dowagiac in Michigan; and South Bend in Indiana.

The Pokagon Band is an officially acknowledged tribe that can create and develop four Winds New Buffalo on the Pokagon Reservation in New Buffalo Township as per the Indian.

Gaming Regulatory Act with Michigan.


Four Winds New Buffalo was initially designed in May 1996. The real project was created by the Urban Design Group and cost almost US$180,000,000 (equal to $224,660,568 in 2020). The expansion in 2011, because of its huge success, introduced a multi-purpose facility and 250 hotel rooms. 

The band stated plans in 2012 to construct this 164-section of land “tribal village,” which incorporates lodging, medical care, and government offices, along with casinos and hotel space. 

South bend: Four Winds South Bend, the tribal casino of the state, carries another degree of rivalry to the state’s gaming market.

The Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians, as a sovereign tribe, is the latest endeavour, which isn’t dependent upon Indiana betting taxes or state corporate annual taxes. 

The state regulates thirteen present-day commercial casinos. The graduate assessments fall in the middle range of 15% to 40% for annual income, gathered by the Indiana Gaming Commission.

Four Winds South Bend will pay just 2% of its yearly income to the city of South Bend through a sharing contract and extra arrangements to finance nearby associations and activities.

That benefit could be seen with the tribal casinos, which have dominated its business competitors in yearly profits. 

The Blue-Chip Casino in Michigan City is 33 miles away from Four Winds South Bend. The latest endeavour could have drawn a section of its customers away, much similar to the circumstances. In 2007, Four Winds launched its latest Buffalo, Mich. Casino. 

Blue Chip took an underlying $50 million income hit in the initial year and then dropped from $267 million in 2007 to $159 million in 2017.

There are some distinguishing features and facilities from Four Winds South Bend, including spa and table games and a well-maintained hotel. However, Blue chip claims to welcome the added competition. 

Additionally, The inauguration of Four Winds South Bend implies the tribe will draw clients from two of its Dowagiac and three Michigan casinos in New Buffalo. Four Winds additionally operates a casino farther north in Hartford, Mich. 

Four Winds’ head working official Frank Freedman stated that the migration journey of clients from its different offices would happen, yet he expects it will bring about a net increase. 

That migration would have changed all staffing requirements. However, the staff that can operate at any of the Four Winds locations are already viewed as fluctuating seasonal markets. Therefore, Freedman assumed the shifts wouldn’t cause any problems for the institution.

It has almost changed the staffing need with the migration of the clients from the offices. Again, though, fluctuating marketing was seen all around along with the mechanism of four wind areas. 

However, Freedman wasn’t expecting many issues for the organization. Moreover, Four Winds additionally was expecting its new location to fit an alternate customer. 

Freedman stated that with no hotel and or table games, he figures the casinos would attract more players who stop in for only a couple of hours or a day. 

Furthermore, Four Winds New Buffalo would search for an exposure that incorporates accommodation in a hotel, table games, and concert shows.

It was structured at an average cost of $160 million. It is assumed that 52 acres will increase the visitors’ strength per year to the New Buffalo area.

Here Are Some Amazing Features Of Four Winds Casino:

  • Enjoy the gaming experience in more than 124000 square feet.
  • Native American casinos have linked progressive slots, which is the only Native American casino, and four winds lead with the highest jackpots in the area.   
  • Many table games include carps, no way craps, Blackjacks, three card poker, crazy four, Pai Gow Poker, Let it Ride, Roulette, mini and midi baccarat, and Rapid Roulette.  
  • Sheltered parking garage with 2200 space lot.
  • Well maintained valet parking.
  • Outdoor parking surface for a 1,000-place.
  • Bus parking for a tour.
  • The buffet of several restaurants has different ranges and 500-seat for the high-end Hard Rock Cafe and Copper Rock Steakhouse.

The Casino Association discovered that the state’s casino charge income would come to around as much as $64 million for the subsequent five years and cause the extreme loss of around 732 business gaming professions. 

Indiana acquired $596 million in gaming charges, In the fiscal year 2017. However, the report didn’t appraise the number of occupations made by the new tribal casino, which has effectively recruited 1,200 workers. 

However, the band’s sway implies it is not subject but liable to gaming charges. The Pokagon Band has consented to spend more than the first 2% of income sharing with South Bend. The band likewise dedicated to paying $5 million more than three years to local area programs.

The Pokagon Fund is operated by the band, which has distributed almost $22 million since 2007 to raise funds for scholarship, poverty reduction, education grants, and the local area’s improvement and development. 

After deductions of various business and tribal government working costs, the rest of the band’s incomes are dispersed month to month to each tribal resident. The per capita income-sharing arrangement is delivered to youngsters once they graduate secondary school.

The circulation is essential for the tribe’s amazing viewpoint, which intends to affect seven ages down the line from the current day.

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