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Shutting Down Of Flamingo Poker Room

Shutting Down Of Flamingo Poker Room

Poker rooms used to be quite common in Las Vegas, but nowadays, they are becoming as rare as keno lounges. One of the reasons is the indulgence of the least participants to work there, and Of course, COVID led them to face huge failures and losses.   

Poker witnesses its players competing against each other and not the casino. The game features its own technical terms, rules, customs, and dialect like a pair of aces is termed “pocket rockets.” Interestingly, most of the poker players are males, and females constitute even less than 5% of the World Series of Poker’s competitors. Let’s know some more interesting facts about poker-  

  • The first poker tournament telecasted was held in 1973 on CBS.  
  • A pair of 9’s in poker is called “German virgin.”  
  • Doyle Brunson, a legendary poker professional, stated poker to be a war and people pretending it to be a game.  

All About Flamingo Poker Room

Initially, the Flamingo poker room was closed temporarily to deliver the manpower to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) held in Rio. But later on, the news came out regarding the ceasing of the Flamingo Poker Room. Fortunately, the staff and dealers will get into other Caesars Entertainment Poker rooms located at Caesar’s Palace and Bally’s.   

As per Las Vegas reports, the strength of poker tables has declined by 33% from being 1,000 in 2010. Furthermore, this shocking shift has occurred within a span of an annum from January 2020 to January 2021.   

Other Poker Rooms That Shut Down

Several other poker rooms also got permanently closed, including Rio, Link, and Planet Hollywood. In fact, the famous poker room at Binion’s was also shut. This iconic poker room is the home of the original World Series of Poker. However, it was first shifted and then closed down.  

Reasons For Shutting Poker Rooms

  • One of the reasons is the indulgence of the fewest participants to work there.   
  • Also, many think that COVID is the reason behind this but isn’t the exact reason, but its contribution isn’t worth ignoring.  
  • The dining and buffets services suffered the most loss in the pandemic. For instance, Caesar’s Entertainment lost an average of $3 million in a year during COVID times.  
  • Poker rooms have a very small margin and don’t make that much money.  
  • They are more like amenities like salons and beauty parlors.  
  • Casinos are focusing on owning real estate properties of these poker rooms for their slots due to their high popularity and income.  

Fate Of Flamingo Poker Room & Others

Caesars Entertainment disrupted the Flamingo Poker Room, but it will stay in the company’s Las Vegas resorts. The World Series of Poker moved to Paris and Bally’s in 2022. Poker is still played in Las Vegas, and it’s not like it has become extinct. The demand has visibly declined down; for instance, the WSOP main event drew a crowd of 8,773 people in 2006, whereas in 2021, it gathered a crowd of 6,650 enthusiasts.  

There are various other poker rooms in Las Vegas for poker lovers. These include Resorts World, a newly established poker room: the Strip, and numerous others at Aria, Bellagio, Westgate, Wynn, and many more.

At The End

Poker is a popular game with its specific lingos, customs, and superstitions. Las Vegas used to have the maximum number of Poker rooms in old times, but due to COVID, the city has witnessed the shutdown of so many poker rooms, including the Flamingo Poker Room, some time back. The most contributing reason after the pandemic is insufficient manpower and poker rooms having a small margin for earnings. Many other poker rooms also shut down, including Link, Rio, Planet Hollywood, and the most famous one at Binion. But Las Vegas is still a destination for poker lovers and has sheltered some other poker rooms and casinos. The recently disrupted Flamingo Poker Room was initially closed temporarily as it delivered all its manpower to WSOP, but afterward, Caesars Entertainment shut it down permanently. 

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